My Book: Ariza by the author Martin Cid. Review

My Book: Ariza by the author Martin Cid. Review

My Book: Ariza by Martin Cid. Yareah magazine current topic is ‘Your Book‘. We are receiving submissions with different opinions about the subject. Today, Martin Cid’s article. Have a nice day, Yareah friends!

My Book: Ariza by the author Martin Cid

My Book: Ariza by the author Martin Cid

We were in 2007 or 2008… or maybe 2009. I cannot remember it well but there is one thing I can remember clearley: I have just known Isabel del Rio and I was happy. I had tried to publish a book before with no success but, in those times, I was still strong and I wasn’t the man I am today. Both Isabel and I wanted to write a special book and we had an idea: to write a book as a metaphor of time and mirrors. In Ariza, time was a mirror that looked inside itself. I mean, the characters and the situations were in fact reflections of a past imaginary time. The book was created with a complex referential world of meanings and we used a familiar story to create the world in the novel. We had characters, of course, but these characters were reflected in the mythological world and in their own interior conscience to make a dream.

We sent Airza to various Publishing Houses and it took a month to receive a positive answer. In fact, it was not so difficult to publish it. Anyway, we ignored the difficult process of publishing and, of course, of selling a book but this is a different story. We really enjoyed writing Ariza and, when we had the book in our hands, we were two of the happiest people in the whole world.

… Weeks later, we began to receive the first reviews from some friends and I was really surprised. They were speaking about many things that I had never thought, things that, in fact, were not important for creating a correct narrative, a good character or anything. It was really strange for me. One teacher told me that it was a really good book but we had to revise it because he had found 5 mistyping errors in the whole book and… the editor might republish the book because of these 5 errors! Another professor told me about one character and he didn’t like his death. Well, you cannot make everybody happy but… have you read the book, dear professor? What do you think about the myth of Prometheus in the book? Nobody told me about narrative structures or the way we had created the double stream of consciousness or… no, nobody was interested in things that we were and this was the most surprising thing I found when I talked to others about my novel.

My first published book, Ariza, shows me that it’s very difficult to share something with readers and the words I had written, they would be read with one thousands of different senses, new ways to understand my own work and, today, I recognize this is one of the most magical senses of creation. With this book I learnt this and other things but, today, I still remember that feeling when I opened that box with my first book: Ariza.

Thanks for reading, dear friends.

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  • a beautifully written piece, martin…but of course, you are one of those writers whose words take us along on that personal journey and make us feel as if we are there…in the midst of the happenings…and what a book on so many layers…it is true what you say of the different responses which i learned in the legal arena many moons ago…one might have 15 different witnesses to an event or a happening and there will be a minimum of 15 different responses to what each saw/experienced – sometimes even more as the witness accounts change with time – in any event – ’tis true…words, like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder – again, great article – thanks very much!

  • (here Martin) Many thanks, Jenean. As always, you make our day happier. Thank you very much for the comments and for being there. You are a really good person. Thanks again

  • IZara

    You are always a source of inspiration, Mr. Cid

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