American Stories. Boomer. Episode 6. Autumn Leaves

American Stories. Boomer. Episode 6. Autumn Leaves

American Stories. Boomer. Episode 6. Autumn Leaves by the American author Dewey Edward Chester. Enjoy your day, Yareah magazine readers!

American Stories. Boomer. Episode 6. Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves by the poet and artist Jenean Gilstrap

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It was deep in the game. I was tired….pushed to exhaustion. My teammates were fighting among themselves: “Gawdamn, Nick! Hold onto the fuckin’ ball,” Crabtree screamed.

“Shut up!” Nick screamed back.

I whispered to calm them : “Quiet men.”

I kneeled inside the huddle and looked up. They were battered and bruised

— scared, fighting a bitter foe. Evening shadows had already covered the field.

Blood streamed from my mouth. I had to think fast, or we would lose our Souls, then ultimately, we would lose the game. “Red right Dive, Four G-Pull!” I barked.

At the snap, I rolled out, my arm cocked, Butkus smashed through. But I flipped the ball to Nicholas, Mac threw the block —- and we all turned the corner for ten tough yards.

“Gawdamn, Fletcher!” I grumbled a moment later. “Pay attention to what I tell you! You missed your block.”

Montgomery smirked: “He’s a jerk!”

“Up your ass!” was Fletcher’s reply.

I sneered. “Shut up!” I pointed out the facts: “We’re fighting against ourselves. That’s what they want.”

Our huddle grew silent. I looked into their faces. Fletcher’s nose was gashed to the bone. He had blood smeared over his jaw.

“Blue Right Dive, Forty-nine G-Take!” I ran it from a split-T that burst me up the middle.

“Don’t let me down, fellas,” I laughed aloud, “You know what I need.”

They all nodded, but Fletcher whined, “I’m not sure,” and the others grew nervous.

“Snap the fuckin’ football!” I said contemptuously. “Butkus is your man!”

The whistle blew. I scanned the enemy defense. Big Butkus was moving back and forth. But Fletcher, underneath me, was shaking; terrified of missing his block.

I decided to gamble that Butkus would fake. At the snap, Fletcher roared out. He caught Butkus completely off guard.

Afterward, I purred: “Fletcher? That’s the way to do it!”

I knelt down and said: “Fire Draw, Forty-one Y-Zig Out.”

I lined them up and threw a perfect strike to MacArthur —-who caught it at the forty. Mac was amazing —- the enemy was hanging on his back, yet he made the catch without breaking stride.

“All right! Green Pitch, Wing T-Pull!”

A pain shot up my spine; into the back of my head. I shrugged it off and ran the ball myself; through daylight….then cruised to another first down.

“Keep it up!” I yelled, and again I used my option.

But Chicago was smart. They clogged up the middle. So I sprinted outside the twenty-nine…where I couldn’t get up. I was hurt.

Butkus stood over me, snarling. “Suicide, Sonny,” the giant roared in laughter.

But Nicholas rushed up in time to carry me back to our huddle.

In pain, I gasped, “Blue, Red, Six and Even.” I feathered the football toward the flat…where Nick caught it, but he was slammed viciously to the ground.

An Official yelled: “Fifteen yards!” He threw a red flag.

“You’re stupid!” I said to Butkus, whose face had turned purple.

I gathered my men: “All right, here we go!” I looked at Nicholas, writhing in pain, “Can you go?” I asked.

“Yeah, Michael, I’m fine!” Nick lied.

“All right. All right. Here we go. Red right freeze! Wing and go!”

Chicago’s Safetyman moved up close. But gazelle-like MacArthur sliced through the secondary.

“Sunavabitch!” the Chicago Safetyman screamed out, realizing he’d been beat.

Over his shoulder, MacArthur caught my football, then bulled his way to the one.

“Yeah! Yeah!” I cried out, above the crowd noise.

Montgomery leaned inside our huddle and whispered a secret, the way football men always do.

“Okay,” I reasoned,” we’ll do it!”

I studied Nicholas, carefully. “Can you go?”

Nick smiled. He would always do the job.

“Twenty-six Drive to win this gawdamn game!”

I crouched under Fletcher and whispered out, at my opposition, “Here we come! You sons of bitches!” I faked a toss then swirled… place my football into Nick’s hands.

But Butkus moved in quickly —-!

“BAM! BAM! BAM!” Fletcher, MacArthur, Earl Walker and Montgomery —- all got their one good piece of Butkus.

And right after them came Nicholas, thundering through a gaping hole, to win our biggest game.

American Stories. Boomer. Episode 6. Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves by Jenean Gilstrap. Follow her on Fb

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  • great piece…a must-read of the whole now…

  • Dewey Edward Chester

    Dear Jenean,
    Your paintings are what bring vivid life to my bland words; thank you for the marriage of Art and Writing, which is the purpose of Yareah Magazine.

  • greetings dewey – first, let me say that i find nothing at all bland in your own words – as you must know, it’s more than a little gratifying to hear that one’s work touches someone else – many thanks for your kind comment above and have a beautiful remainder of your day – jenean

  • (Here Martin) Hey, Dewey, fantastic story again and again and again… You are more than welcome here. Thanks for sharing your stories with us. Again, congratulations!

  • Dewey Chester

    Thank you, Martin.

  • A winner for the game and for great storytelling!

  • Beth A. Kelly

    Beth A Kelly – The artistry and creativity of Great American Author Dewey Edward Chester continues to show itself to the utmost as the series of “Boomer” continues. The series is based on the novel written by Author D.E.Chester. Mr. Chester stays true to self with great passion and love in the art of writing. The story “Boomer ” continues to unfold and come to life through the pages. “Boomer” is a story that can only can be told through ones lifes experiences. In the real world the subject matter is, at most times swepped under the rug. It takes honesty, boldness, at times, to stand alone to express the reality of society. This is what novelist Dewey Edward Chester is and does!!!!!!

  • Beth A. Kelly

    Beth A Kelly – The series”Boomer” continues to grasp the reader !!!!! The series”Boomer” which is derived from Author Dewey Edward Chesters Novel”Boomer,” unites the reader with the characters and story, where you are walking and living right along with them !!!! This is a novel that should be made into a movie! Author D.E.Chester embraces, with such passion, a subject matter most would not write or speak about – in a positive way – Mr. Chesters belief that all men are created equal – that on this basis people have suffered and have been persecuted – only speaks great volume and substance of Author Dewey Edward Chester, along with the subject matter of his writings –

  • Beth A. Kelly

    True genuine love holds no barriers – is free to express & flow so naturally – The very essence of our inner beings thirst for love in its most purest form – To allow this most natural occurence – takes very special people – Author D.E. Chester opens up the doors of our thoughts & emotions, be true to self. The inspiration and example Author Dewey Edward Chester is one of THE ART OF WRITING -BEING A CRAFTSMAN – Something that has disappeared in much of our society and culture today. The Langston Hughes etc.Author Dewey Edward Chester should raise eyebrows and be recognized as such. For it is through his writings that we see the very depths of his soul revealed. Looking forward to reading your next series and novel to follow after “Boomer” Again, Mr. Chester, hold unto your love, passsion, creativity, and artistry of writing – don`t ever let go and reach from within your spirit, allow to flow and pour out of you the richness of the gift that has been placed in you.

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  • Dewey Edward Chester

    My Dear Ms. Kelly, your words of inspiration far over-reach the paucity of my simplistic words, yet your passionate feelings are a tremendous inspiration that allows me to feel that I am learning my craft: the Art of dramatic writing. Thank you!

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Dewey Edward Chester, Ph.D. (eq.), is a Los Angeles Professor of Screenwriting, and the author of “Boomer: Sex, Race and Professional Football.” He is a former professional football player, and was nominated for the prestigious White House Fellowship for Journalism Award, sponsored by President Bill Clinton’s Administration. **Boomer by Dewey Edward Chester is also on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Enjoy the reading, you cannot be indifferent.

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