Personification of nature’s perfection: WOMAN

Personification of nature’s perfection: WOMAN

Woman is the personification of nature’s perfection according to the poet Rajeev Chanana. Enjoy this vivid deep poem and have a nice Sunday, Yareah magazine friends!

Personification of nature’s perfection: WOMAN

Personification of nature’s perfection: WOMAN

Personification of nature’s perfection: WOMAN

My sincere thanks to God who created this deity,

Let’s mark this day with fun, fervour and gaiety,

A true model of bravery and stoicism,

Stands strong in every eventuality and pessimism,

Farming, home ,office-can be part of any mission,

A sister, A mother , A daughter- shifting her roles meticulously ,broad is her vision,

Occasionally we do give her delight,

But my friend, most of the time we forget her plight,

She has always been a victim of domestic violence,

A sitting duck –a symbol of stoic and silence,

She has been beaten and subjected to slavery,

Oh!my friend ,is it what you call bravery?

We vouch to respect her a lot from now,

Efface the male chauvinism blot, we vow.


Female foeticide , a crime of biblical proportions,

Do these people have any sense and emotions?

A heinous crime of rape on a bus in New Delhi,

Exposes the misdemeanors and dirty underbelly,

Crime against women is surely not confined to cast, creed or nation,

It is just criminal and reveller’s joy and elation,

From animal like tiger we need to learn a lesson,

Tantamount to bravery protects tigress with a passion,

Man is a true man who protects this lovely star ,

Only a coward indulges in hatred and war,

A twinkling star of bliss and peace,

A woman makes our life at ease,

It is high time to give her justice now,

Break all shackles of hatred and prejudice, we vow.

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  • Inderjit

    Grt poetry man keep ut up. I hope hindi translation will also get into many heads…

  • Guneeta Grover

    Truely amazing …. Ur words make me feel so proud to be a woman and a mother to my two daughters . Keep it up 🙂

  • Dr Rajeev Chanana

    My heartfelt thanks to Isabel and her team for giving me this opportunity to honor woman as she truly deserves it, as we have seen many women suffering stoically around us . We should leave no stone unturned to bring a change, as small steps of today can make a huge difference in a long run.

  • Karen

    May your poetry reach out to many and make a difference.. Karen

  • Isha Dang

    Simply great..hats off. Ur poetry is just out of the world. I m proud of you and wish u all the very best

  • Sheryl

    Vociferous and Vehement support of women in true style that speaks volume of your talent and your true feelings towards women.

  • (Here Martin Cid, editor of Yareah Magazine) Congratulations, Rajeev. You are more than welcome in our magazine. Thanks a lot!

  • Dr Rajeev Chanana

    Hi Martin Cid -Accept my heartfelt felicitations for the great work you have been doing. Your magazine is surely providing a platform to showcase your skill and at the same time raise your voice fervently for a cause which can be of utmost importance and beneficial to the society at large . Thanks for giving me this platform.

  • Dr.Prashant Taneja

    What a beautiful expression
    One word ‘WOW ‘
    Hope it reaches the mass …
    Keep it up dear Rajeev..

  • A remarkable poem…a wonderful tribute to mothers, daughters, and sisters. It is a timely poem as well, considering the anguish suffered by so many women and their families.
    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to more.

  • Muni

    Amazing poem. If a man can not buy diamonds, pearls, or take her woman for cruise but he can surely respect and protect her without any reservation in his mind. I guess this is the moral of the poem which is clearly expressed in this poem. Great job.

    • Yes, Muni, a great and ethics poem. Yareah magazine loves Rajeev!


I am a Dental Surgeon- did my Bachelor of Dental Surgery form Mysore University and a Burgeoning Poet too. My poetry has been published in journals and periodicals. Besides dentistry I have been awarded with Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication. Awards and Achivements: Bestowed with appreciation certificate for excellent services to the Police Department Shimla. Bestowed with appreciation certificate for excellent services to Lions Club Shimla.

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