St Augustine in Florida. The Oldest City in US was Multiracial

St Augustine in Florida. The Oldest City in US was Multiracial
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St Augustine in Florida and its original diversity is being studied by a team of USFSP directed by Michael Francis.

St Augustine in Florida. The Oldest City in US was Multiracial

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Important documents of a convent where are recorded births, baptisms, marriages and deaths of men and women who settled St. Augustine since 1594.

The oldest city in US was discovered by the Spanish don Juan Ponce de Leon in 1513, who first rode the cost of Florida in search of a youth-giving fountain.

Fifty years after, Spanish admiral don Pedro Menendez de Aviles established a permanent settlement in that place. In fact, it was the first permanent European settlement in current United States.

The foundation of the city was in 1565.

Then, St. Augustine has a long history, full of battles and legends. Now, some important documents (six thousand pages) have been digitized by the university of the South of Florida St Petersburg (USFSP). and we can learn important and unknown points about St. Augustine history and about the origins of the United States.

Miscegenation was normal and during decades Spanish, Portuguese, Irish, African and Indian people lived peacefully.

In the photo, we can read about a marriage between the soldier Pedro Beltrán and his Indian girlfriend, baptized with the name of Isabel Gonzales.

Beautiful romantic stories of an amazing city: St. Augustine. Don’t forget that it was also in this city where it was founded in the 18th century the first free black community.

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  • what a neat article – loved it – since studying a bit about saint augustine in a history class, i’ve been intrigued with it!

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