Useful Tips for Painting your Nails

Useful Tips for Painting your Nails
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Would you like to have an actress’ nails? Here, some useful tips for painting your nails. Be creative!

Useful Tips for Painting your Nails

New Nails by Malia Autio

To start: prepare the material. Then, take some nail polishes in the colors of your choice and stickers (nail art) to put on your nails. There are hundreds really amazing, like those ones in Malia photo. Of course, gather some cotton balls, a stick, nail polish remover and clear base polish.

Afterwards, take off any old polish.

Rub the bottle between your hands, don’t shake it. Rolling the bottle keeps bubbles out.

Apply one coat of clear base polish and allow it to fully dry.

Paint one thin stripe of color in the middle of your nails. Then, paint a stripe on the left and continue to the right. Allow them to dry and paint a second coat. Two coats are the best. Finally, paint a last coat of clear polish to keep the color lasting for some days (maybe a week).

Finally and when everything dries completely, place the stickers. Now, your nails look fantastic!

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