Puppies Are The Majesty Of Perpetually Affronted Silence

Puppies Are The Majesty Of Perpetually Affronted Silence

Puppies. A personal vision by the author Adreyo Sen. Enjoy his poetry, it’s always full of beautiful images and deep meanings.

Puppies Are The Majesty Of Perpetually Affronted Silence

Puppies Are The Majesty Of Perpetually Affronted Silence


Puppies suggest a sad, agnostic resignation with Life.

They are romantics and students of futility. Their eyes

are melancholic and their movements seem to convey

a patient suffering of the tendency of marble plains

to become staircases. Occasionally, they survey

each other with a kind of wearied, old-man sympathy

that is intensely amusing to watch, if also uncomfortably

moving. With pudgy and useless paws, they seek to

console their brothers and smack their mouths instead.

Puppies like dark spaces. They muse piteously under your chair,

tantalized by your slipper. They try to dive into stray


I wish babies were like puppies. That they were silent and softly pleasing

parcels of grief padding their stunned way through immense

domestic plains, submitting mutely to the cruelly partial

flow of my kisses. I wish that they too regarded

with silent and disbelieving amusement my attempts

to fold them up, or make them into an ink rag.

Babies are too much like the disagreeable humans

that produce them with too little warning and too much

ceremony and insist on carrying around filled with

snot and rage till they can be hurled in all their

vengeful glee at a disdained relative. Babies are

emperors with high-pitched sway and ear-shattering

power. Puppies are the majesty of perpetually affronted


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  • Wow. I usually don’t like poetry. Very nice.


Adreyo Sen, based in Kolkata, hopes to become a full-time writer. He did his undergraduate work in English and his postgraduate work in English and Sociology. He has been published in Danse Macabre and Kritya.

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