Movie Reviews. Searching for Sugar Man

Movie Reviews. Searching for Sugar Man

Movie Reviews. This month, Yareah magazine topic is ‘You Movie’. Today, we can read about ‘Searching for Sugar Man’, the documentary film which has impressed the artist Echi Aaberg.

Movie Reviews. Searching for Sugar Man

Movie Reviews. Searching for Sugar Man

My sister told me about a film “Searching for Sugar Man” and that it was unbelievable with fantastic music and now the film maybe could get an Oscar.

As best documentary – Searching for Sugar Man – did get the Oscar and the director Malik Bendjelloul was very happy. He is in fact born in a little town 40 km from where I live, a city called Ystad on the southeast coast of Sweden.

The film was up on the local cinemacenter and I and my husband just have to see this story and the best of all it is the true story.

The combination of a Mexican American musician active in the 70s, two South African fans who loved his music searching him in the 90s and a Swedish director spreading the story 2012 – just that is an interesting event.

Sixto Rodrigues played in Detroit on the 60s and 70s in small bars and was discovered by Motown top producers who really thought he will be the star. They released an album that flopped and a second that went the same way.

Somehow a copy of the album “Cold Fact” finds its way to South Africa and almost instantly becomes cult. This album was multi-copied and becomes equal to the Beatles but bigger than the Rolling Stones.

The fans wanted to know everything about this guy but could not find anything anywhere. Rumors flow through the air – he had killed himself on the stage or died in other ways.

In the 90s when his album came out again on CD two fans in South Africa made it their job find out who he was, where he came from, was he dead or maybe alive. They really tried all possible ways and finally the get in touch with one of the producers and now maybe the answer to the most important question “How did he die?”will be answered.

He is not dead, was the answer and they could not believe their ears. This really was a sensation and they finally did meet him. Rodrigues seemed as a real humble man, not soory for the flopping records. He said that was the business on that time and went on. He had no idea that he was a superstar on the other side of the globe. Ha had been working all these years, a low paid job and still lived in the same old house since 40 years. Had bee married and have two daughters. He loved to write songs and play on his guitar.

The two fans organized a concert in South Africa. The arena was full of screaming fans and this little figure was on the stage completely overvelmed. It was some moving minutes for all of us in the cinema salon. It was almost to fantastic to be true, what a story, what a man and what a music. Better than all of them during the same period. Bob Dylan – eat your heart out!

I have now all songs from Spotify in my PC – have net been able to buy the CD in Sweden, but still searching

We have all now discovered a great musician that none of us, apart from South Africa, were listening too . The film was beautiful, the images, the old photos, the black and white illustrations etc – mad a strong impact on me!. Echi Åberg (movie reviews)

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  • Ayax

    I think I need to go to cinema soon! Thanks Echi

  • definitely on my must-see list now! thanks~


Echi Aaberg, born 1948 in Laponia the very north of Sweden. Three years of education at the School of Art in Simrishamn. The paintings reflects moments of meetings with the abstract and concrete present as sometimes strikes me with great power and sometimes just touch my consciousness. The tracks - maybe visible, maybe invisible! Working with aquarelle, acrylic, oil colors, charcoal, crayons, tempera, graphic, photo, collage and design.

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