Famous Birthdays February 25

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February 25 Birthdays: George Harrison, Isabelle Fuhrman, Sean Astin and more

Famous Birthdays February 25 230x300 Famous Birthdays February 25

Harrison at the White House in 1974. Photo credit: wikipedia

Hello and good morning to everyone. Today is Monday and… back to work. Anyway, we were working all the weekend and I should say ‘’it’s Monday and we continue the work’.

On February 25 many celebrities have been born.

First, we would like to remember the guitarist of The Beatles, George Harrison, dead in 2001.

Isabelle Fuhrman, the young actress of The Hunger Games and Orphan is today 16. Have a great happy birthday. You are pretty, you have talent and a brilliant emergent career. Congratulations, Isabelle

Happy birthday to Sean Astin, Known as Samwise Gamgee from ‘Lord of the Rings’. Happy birthday to the British comedian Lee Evans, to Carrot Top and Ric Flair.

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