Success. Marcela Cava Balsa artistic works of light

Success. Marcela Cava Balsa artistic works of light

Success! Marcela Cava Balsa is a painter of light. She doesn’t paint with pigments but with flashlights. She locks herself in a room at home and then, she films the process. A few days ago she has started her blog.

Success. Marcela Cava Balsa artistic works of light

Success. Marcela Cava Balsa artistic works of light

In Barcelona (Spain), she is being a success. She receives numerous visitors and Yareah magazine has wanted to interview her. The photographer and poet Lluís Bussé, friend of Yareah, has just been with Marcela in her studio. Here, her answers.

LL.B: – Can you rate your work, Marcela?

MCB: – Different.

LL.B: – Could you explain us your technique?

MCB: – I’m a fan of Jackson Pollock. A fantastic artist. He died soon and I feel I must continue his work

LL.B: – Then, do you paint with a flashlight while filming the process?

MCB: – I take advantage of the time. When my children come from school, it’s impossible to do anything. In my studio, I’m happy.

LL.B: – Is it good to be so original?

MCB: – Life is a risk.

LL.B: – Tell me about your next Project: Community Pool.

MCB: – It’s dedicated to Martina Abramovic. She is angry with her boyfriend. I saw them on internet. They spent hours sitting facing each other… silent. I felt really sorry and I thought I can make something in her honor. A work titled ‘Pool’. Then, I need a clean pool, better a community pool…, outdoor.

My idea is to take a photo of it full of water and months later, empty by the action of the Sun. It’s a dialogue with our nature. We don’t respect the environment, we have forgotten Mother Nature cycle. I’ve already posted on my blog and I hope someone responds.

LL.B: – Did you choose a very peculiar blogger name: ‘thepollockoflight.’

MCB: – I needed an English name. My project is international and my dream is to paint like Pollock but with light. Anyway, everybody knows I’m Marcela Cava Balsa.

LL.B: – Why don’t you let us take a photo of you?

MCB: – I’m terrible shy and Enrique, my husband, is a little jealous and… dull. Sometimes, I think he is unable to understand this time and he is living in the 19th century. Enrique doesn’t believe in me and my conceptual artwork.

LL.B: – In your opinion, how do the new technologies?

MCB: – They help us very much, specially artists. You are nothing and thanks to internet, everybody can know you. Now, I’ve thousands of followers encouraging me. I want more but I’ve no hurry. I enjoy my work and I know I’m a pioneer, other artists will follow my movement. Otherwise, it’s better than to be sitting on the sofa seeing TV with Enrique and the children.

LL.B: – Other projects?

MCB: – Well, I’m focus on the Community Pool but I’m open to any suggestions.

Definitely, she is a different artist and person.

Congratulations, Marcela, for your ideas and blog.

Lluís Bussé

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Lluís Bussé, holding a PhD in Philosophy and degree in Fine Arts, creates a new Barcelona after exploring the length and breadth of the city and taking thousands of photographs. Bussé’s imaginary Barcelona is the epitome of fantasy and surprise, featuring a great variety of invented images and perspectives that depict another possible Barcelona. The surprising images of the Sagrada Família at Mar Bella beach, the Torre Agbar at Park Güell and Plaça de Catalunya with surfers afford us a new and original perspective. The photographer’s creative exercise is based on the combination of different disciplines, seeking to mix art and science. In this case he juxtaposes photography and cosmology, the philosophical discipline concerning the origin and composition of the Universe. This proposal draws its inspiration from the “multiverse” theory developed by the mathematician Hugh Everett, which refers to our universe as one of multiple possible universes. The physicist Max Tegmark (MIT) reinforces this idea by classifying the existing universes into different levels. The first-level “multiverse”, upon which the book is based, points to the existence of parallel universes governed by the same physical laws and constants as ours and which, therefore, show striking similarities

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