My very personal and different bets for Oscars

My very personal and different bets for Oscars

Tonight we will know where the Oscars goes to. Here they are my personal choices.

My very personal bets for Oscars

My very personal bets for Oscars

Hello, boys and girls. Here I am again to write a little about Oscars Ceremony. I will choose my favorite films and say my personal bets. Of course, it’s just my opinion, don’t waste your money betting. I have to say something: my favorite movie never wins. Save you money or buy something beautiful for something special. It will be the best option. You don’t believe me? Last year I did the same and I guessed none.

Best Picture: Life of Pi
I have no doubt. I choose Life of Pi, the magnificent movie by Ang Lee. I know it is not the favorite but it is my option. I really love this magic film.
If you are looking for a logic decision, you should read another magazine. I know the favorite is Lincoln but… I don’t like so much its director and his films. If you want to read my review, here it is.

Best Actor in a Leading Role: Joaquin Phoenix
He is great in The Master but it is a difficult decision. Because I didn’t like either Flight or Lincoln I have chosen Mr. Phoenix as my favorite.

Best Actress in a Leading Role: Emmanuelle Riva or Naomi Watts
I think the wise decision is Naomi Watts but there’s something special in Haneke’s film and something disturbing in the role of Emmanuelle Riva. Remember again: I always lose.

Directing: Ang Lee
Of course, Mr. Lee give us a lesson of technique, narrative and sense of cinema and rhythm.

Actor in a Supporting Role: Philip Seymour Hoffman
I choose also for actor in secondary role an actor from the film The Master. The film talks about the strange relationship among sex, religion, scum and madness. It’s not for children but I don’t know what is the terrific point of his director. Since There Will Be Blood I love his films.

Actress in a Supporting Role: Sally Field for Lincoln
She is great in the role of Ms. Lincoln and I choose her for my personal Oscar. Anyway, I would like Anne Hathaway wins because… she is prettier than any other!

Writing (Adaptated Screenplay): Life of Pi
Yes, I definitely love Life of Pi. I have read the book and it’s a great adaptation.

Writing (Original Screenplay): Django Unchained
Tarantino always creates a different kind of movies. He is original and his screenplays are magnificent. I believe he deserves the Academy Award.

Cinematography: Life of Pi

Costume Design: Les Misérables

Music (original score): Thomas Newman for Skyfall, one of the best James Bond ever.

Music (original song): Skyfall. Music and lyrics by the girl of the moment, Adele.Adkins.

Sound Editing: Wylie Staterman for Django Unchained

Well, let’s wait for tonight to know the name of the winners. Have a great day.

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  • IZara

    I agree with you Martin Cid. Life of Pi is the best. Hope this time you guess

  • well, our individual favorites in our own eyes really are the real winners, after all, aren’t they? i think so, anyway – being so behind on having seen these films, it it not even mine to guess – however, i do have certain favorites regardless – for example: philip seymour hoffman – whatever role he plays, he doesn’t merely “play” – he channels that character in its entirety and has us there not just beside him but inside him – then, there is the “phoenix” – another who goes so far beyond mere acting and becomes his characters – for the females, the blurbs i’ve seen of sally fields in lincoln, were i to choose, would have to be my first choice – in any event, it’s always fun to hear your perspective of things hollywood – and “pretty”! 😉

  • (I’m MartinI don’t think Life of Pi is a Hollywood film and that’s the reason because it is my favorite. Philip Symur Hoffman, well, he has good and bad films but the filmmaker I really don’t like is Steven Spielberg. (i don’t say more). Thanks for the comment, Jenean and sorry for delay. I was out with Jack talking about existencialism (I wish!).
    My real bet: argo for best film, Daniel Day Lewis for actor,Spielberg for directing, naomi watts for actress. 😉
    Thanks again, Jenean

  • Ayax

    Life of Pi is wonderful but Lincoln has a very interesting characterization and plot. They have studied those important days and the movie reflects every detail. Both are important movies.

  • i must say that i did like the stage setting very much – but i was totally put out with mcfarlane – jane fonda and meryl streep both looked fabulous, dahling, as they always do and i always love seeing them no matter the event – so that was a bright spot for me – anyway – glad you and jack got out a bit, existentialism and all – 😉

    oh, and yes, hoffman has bad and good but he takes very controversial roles i think and the academy of “experts” doesn’t always know what to do with that i think – but no matter to me because i adore his acting – and i’m not at all unhappy that DDL got the gold because i’ve never seen him do a film in which he wasn’t superb – ironically, last night just before the oscars i watched him again in the age of innocence where he and michelle P are both totally flawless –


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