Best Places. A Florida Morning by David Cooke

Best Places. A Florida Morning by David Cooke

Best Places. What is the best place in the world? Impossible to answer but we can understand the beauty of all of them. How about Florida? Read David Cooke poem ‘A Florida Morning’ and feel how marvelous Florida can be.

Best Places. A Florida Morning by David Cooke

Best Places. A Florida Morning by David Cooke

The author David Cooke has recently been in Florida. He has written several poems about that land. Enjoy them!

Yareah magazine next issue is going to be titled ‘Best Place’. Different artists and authors are just given their opinions. Think about Florida, David Cooke’s poems will help you. Have a nice Saturday!

A Florida Morning

Going downstairs to set up our breakfast

in the late morning sunshine out on the patio,

we are spoiled by the choice of what we can eat

– the brightly packaged cereals, the pastries

we bake for ourselves from a tube of dough,

or chilled cubes of fragrant melon,

pale yellow or pink, mixed with a yoghurt

we carve from its tub with a spoon.


And laying down the day’s foundation,

I drink my coffee, its dark warmth winding

through me when, on its sticks of legs,

I notice a heron stalking the edge

of the pond: all the way round

and back again without a scrap to eat

among the bobbing soda cans

or a long-abandoned, half-deflated ball.


Higher up on a rooftop the second bird

who, for all I know, has feasted well

elsewhere, strikes an ascetic pose –

as if to say sometimes it’s good

to rise above your hunger and make a shape

against the sky, its raised beak

a calamus poised to inscribe an abstract

word on some precious parchment.


Fort Lauderdale

All around the harbour its sprawling map

of islands in what was once a mangrove swamp

makes little sense to us whose eyes

are drawn to palm-occluded channels


and where, off limits, we merely gawp

from our cocky tourist launch at ostentatious

privacy. It might be Venice stripped

of history before the rot sets in,


an absentees’ playground, where once

or twice a year a movie star, a garbage man,

or a junk food mogul, touches base

and makes the most of a sky he’s paid for.


And how inert the quietness

of those mausoleums whose phantom staff

maintain and watch high-tech interiors,

the sprinklered lawns, where sculpted herons


or wall-eyed, ironic gators,

are all that’s left of chaos. Chugging past

the ramparts of each ocean-going yacht,

their iridescent blues and greys, a blaze of white,


we head for open seas, then turn about,

alerted to the presence of a solitary

manatee, whose indolent form eludes me,

however hard I look across the shifting water.



Here, where no one seems to walk,

they couldn’t give the name of a bird

whose loosely gathered congregation

sweeps the mild midwinter sky

between Miami and Boca.


And so I noted down the details

to help me find it later: the lightly

coloured head it’s hard to see

beyond its dark expansive

wings, the blunt edge of its tail.


The one time I saw them grounded

I sensed how even they were anchored

to necessity, their trailing wings

the robes of Rembrandt scholars

around some broken thing;


and stripping out its sinews

in a clueless, botched dissection,

they had their fill and rose again

into the swirl of the air

like charred scraps above a bonfire.


(Coragyps atratus)

Best Places. More about David Cooke

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  • ignaciozara

    I love Florida. I’ve spent there fantastic weeks. These poems by David Cooke reflect very well what Florida is. Congratulations, David!


David Cooke is a UK poet who won a Gregory Award in 1977 and published his first collection, Brueghel’s Dancers in 1984. His retrospective collection, In the Distance, was published in 2011 by Night Publishing and a collection of more recent pieces, Work Horses, was published published in 2012 by Ward Wood Publishing. His poems, translations and reviews have appeared in journals around the world.

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