Black Mirror, the series. Think about it, my friends

Black Mirror, the series. Think about it, my friends

Black Mirror is a British television drama series that criticizes the new information networks

Black Mirror, the series. Think about it

Black Mirror, the series. Think about it

I would like to talk a little about this TV series. I have watched first two episodes. First one, the pilot, was about the kidnapping of a Royal Family member in England. The kidnapper uploads the video on YouTube and then everybody can watch it free. 24 hours or The Princess would be killed. Exigencies? Just one (bizarre and ridicule): First Minister must be humiliated on TV in a bizarre act.

Then, we can watch media, internet, and social networks working. The news are on the cyberspace and nobody can stop them. I don’t want to reveal the conclusion of the story but I would like to say some words about this dangerous system we can use now. We are connected now, we can be in Spain or China, New York or Singapore and we can chat lively among us. Yes, you can chat and you can flirt but… you can make business too. The electronic commerce is every day much powerful, millions of dollars, millions of people connected and making business, playing online or simply reading news. The same video can be watched here and there with apparently no delay.

As you may know, I was a novelist who published five novels. Internet has changed publishing way for ever. If you take a look at the modern ways of publishing, you can find many new ways to publish a novel and this is just the beginning. Amazon is a monster and we all know it but you can publish your book for free and the book can be purchased by millions –paperback or kindle, it doesn’t matter-. Who can compete with this system? In the globalized world the information runs fast, almost instantly. May a traditional Publishing House do anything to beat this? Maybe they can and maybe I am wrong but I believe traditional Publishing Houses might work in e-books. Yes, Amazon is just a site for ecommerce. There are thousands of e-shops like Amazon and there will be more and more and this is not good for the little traditional book stores. I mean, Internet is changing everything and everything is changing to adapt to the new way of information.

And this is scaring because Internet is just a network, it’s just a way of sharing information. YouTube? There are thousands of sites like YouTube. YouTube is just the more important one, the most powerful and the most popular but, if for some reason YouTube were closed, people would go to anywhere else to watch and publish new videos.

The point is… if there was a crisis and for some reason Governments were forced to close communications, those communications would affect to business, culture, news… everything! Can this system be closed? Of course they can close whatever they want but it’s a big risk because we depend on this system today more than ever.


Black Mirror is a different series and has made me think –I don’t use to-. This world is different and is changing quickly. The Humankind has invented one toy to play a very bizarre game, a toy which can enjoy us, but a toy which can destroy us too. Think about it… or maybe not. Orwell did and his novel was not a very happy one.

Have a great day and… live, dear friends!

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  • fascinating food for thought…and one thought is – what if it isn’t the government – our own government – that shuts down these instant cyber channels of communication/commerce/everything else – perhaps at least, then, there might be a flicker of warning – a scintilla of time in which to prepare – but with another looming possibility – that of another government or of the individual “hacker”, not so – and then what? – another show that deals with these kinds of “orwell” themes is that of “person of interest” which i watch because it shows on a daily basis the workings of big brother whose shadow has long been lurking the street corners of our cities – and who now, in real life, flies overhead peering through out rooftops – anyway, great reflective piece, senor!

  • You should see the TV series, Jenean Gilstrap. Too much! I’ve to investigate who are the scriptwriters. The best I’ve seen during the last months.


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