Music + Painting = Tosca, Faust & the Barber of Seville by Matt Hughes

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Music + Painting = Matt Hughes worldwide artwork, which creates a dialogue among different arts with a distinctive objective: Beauty and Truth.

The Barber of Seville by Matt Hughes

Three works depicting scenes from the classic operas Tosca, Faust and the Barber of Seville, three fantastic oil on canvas pictures by the American artist Matt Hughes.

For the past months. Matt Hughes has been ‘secretly’ working on this important project for the Atlanta Opera Companies 2013 Season. The project is now complete, ready to announce three Opera productions and to be exhibited at the Cobb Energy Centre and auctioned to the highest bidder at The Atlanta Opera Ball on September 14, 2013 at the St. Regis-Atlanta. Because, in his love for arts, Matt Hughes has donated the originals to the Opera House so that they can raise money and continue with their promotion of arts.

Faust by Matt Hughes

Yareah magazine knows Matt Hughes artwork for many years. We interviewed him when he was giving rise to Gothic Art Nouveau, a movement full of mythology, fantasy and aesthetical searches. In 2007, he was honored with Best in Show Award at DragonCon Convention.

Five years later, we find him painting three works in a different style, nearly Baroque, nearly Expressionist, once assumed the postulates of the strict drawing and the ethereal stain. Now, it’s the time of chiaroscuro, drama and an incredible use of color to create the feeling of a peculiar theater: ancient theater because it has absorbed Puccini, Verdi or Rossini cultural heritage and new theater because it is a stage for an artist palette giving color and light to the future of the visual arts.

Thus, music and painting, scenery and plot, poetry and acting mix here to honor Art…, all of the Arts, and to celebrate in Atlanta the beauty of living, the last truth of Music and the perfection of Painting.

Old Humanism was looking for this perfection and truth. Old Humanism didn’t want to compartmentalize knowledge. Old Humanism is now New and from some corner in the Heavens, Michelangelo and Leonardo are smiling.

Congratulations, Matt Hughes!

Congratulations, Atlanta Opera Company!

Tosca by Matt Hughes
Isabel del Rio

. All of my life, I have been in love with arts. My grandfather was an artist and I grew up in that world of colors and fantasies. I studied History, what included Art History. I published a novel ‘Ariza’ in 2008 and an essay about old female painters, ‘The Girls of Oil’, in 2010. Now, I've a pet, Jack the Labrador, who usually accompany me when I'm writing for my current jewel, Yareah magazine, edited alongside author Martin Cid.

  • Isadora

    Woooow! What a powerful paintings! Yes, I agree, some of the great Baroque technique is here. Of course, with new ideas. I like this mix between music and painting. I love opera. I imagina Martin Cid will be delighted with this paintings too. In relation with Verdi, Rossimi… some of Martin favorite composers. And colors, I love red. Remember what I wrote Great art and review. As always, thanks Isabel del Rio for a nice moment.

  • ignaciozara

    Speechless. Wonderful works. Wonderful events. I’d like to go to Atlanta.