Abuse vs Art by the Surrealist artist Suzzan Blac

Abuse vs Art by the Surrealist artist Suzzan Blac

‘Abuse vs Art’ is a good sentence to summarize Suzzan Blac artwork. Today, Yareah magazine is proud to present a book by this brave artist and person. You can get it on Amazon: The Rebirth by Suzzan Blac. Sad memories but also a story of overcoming.

Now, Suzzan Blac is creating deep celebrated artwork. Soon, Yareah magazine will review it but now, listen to Suzzan Blac and think about the thoughts and experiences which have inspired her book.

Abuse vs Art by the Surrealist artist Suzzan Blac

Abuse vs Art by the Surrealist artist Suzzan Blac

By Suzzan Blac…

My childhood was the stuff of nightmares. Now I share the truth with the world. I am no longer in the dark where my abusers left me..I am happy and free.

I am an English, surreal artist who paints images of physical, mental and sexual abuse in a most visceral and direct way. I am an intransigent protagonist who fights on behalf of victims and survivors of abuse to aid their personal recovery, to jolt the apathy of society and enlighten those who impose secondary victimization, which can be as painful as the abuse itself. My work is used in teaching programs to further understanding and insight into the whole spectrum of abuse and as an inspiring facet in helping abuse victims in group therapy. Now, I share my memoirs with the world, the story that inspired forty two paintings,that were hidden for a decade, which documented my early life of abuse,the emotional impact and subsequent consequences, followed by my recovery, resiliency and my ad vocation of both child and adult abuse. Here is my website where you can see all of my paintings (please be aware that some of my images may cause distress)

I am predominately an artist, a painter of surrealism. My artworks come from the darkest corners of my mind. Those corners were filled with unspeakable horrors that I kept locked for many, many years. My world first became truly worthwhile, when I first held my newborn daughter in my arms. She was a beautiful angel… who saved me from myself. Soon after, I had a wonderful son. And I am now a Grandmother to a beautiful little girl. I live in a tiny village by the ocean with the love of my life. I am so grateful and appreciative of everything around me. Because when you have been in the dark…the light is astounding. I love to paint and write. I love photography, movies,classical music, crime stories,good documentaries and psychology. I love to walk on the beach on a still,spring morning and I love to feed the birds and squirrels that come to my windowsill. I love my family and my closest friends and I love to laugh. Life is far too precious for I have nothing left to say…

One summers afternoon, many years ago, I sat on a cemetery bench overlooking the ocean. I wanted the peace and quiet to think. I had painted my own story of abuse on forty two canvases. And although it had been extremely cathartic, I still hadn’t found closure. I was toying with the idea of writing my memoirs, when I looked over the hill to the sound of a terrible commotion. There, I saw a family of four, the mother was holding a baby and looking away as the father punched his toddler son and then kicked him into the air. I was so enraged by this act, as I had not experienced this scene of violence since my own childhood abuse. I screamed at the father and tried to apprehend them, but they had disappeared into the crowds. I cried for the little boy, I cried for me as a little girl. And I cried for all those children in this world who are being abused daily. It was fate. It happened for a reason. And that reason was to help other victims and survivors of abuse, and to enlighten those who impose secondary victimisation. After my tears had subsided, I vowed to show the world what happened to me and what happens to others through the medium of paint. And I vowed to write my story, to tell the truth. I get many messages of thanks from others who have been through such atrocities. They tell me that I inspire them, but the truth is..they inspire me.

I am a surrealist who expresses my emotions and feelings through the medium of oils.

Everything that I create is purely from my thoughts and imagination. For me, that is the epitome of art—art is a personal visualization in which one can conjure up imagery that ordinarily no one can see. But through art, one can observe the innermost thoughts of another human being without feeling intrusive, and have the capacity to connect, identify and react to this universal insight.

I have much to say and I say it in paint, for painting is an instantaneous and powerful medium that challenges minds and reverberates through history.

I am also a survivor of severe and prolonged abuse. I had been a victim of physical,emotional,violent and sexual abuse, including being abducted into sex trafficking and forced to do pornography and prostitution. I have been raped many times, and grew up amongst paedophiles who sexually abused me from a baby. I am now a surrealist who expresses my emotions and feelings through the medium of oils. My images portray my own personal story of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. They are My expression of not just a depiction of pain and trauma, but how abuse made me feel. And also the consequences and reverberations of secondary victimisation. I paint using the medium of oils, because painting is the most honest of mediums and one which allows the truism of emotions. Therefore, hopefully giving a tangible voice and resonance to other victims and survivors who cannot express their own atrocities, who have suffered at the hands of others. I am now also an advocate of both child and adult abuse.

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  • OMG What a story! You are a great person

  • Abigail

    I’m going to read this book. Thanks Suzzan

    • Thank you so much Abigail..I hope that you do..and you must let me know what you think!! there are quite a few reviews on Amazon..which are wonderful!!


  • Thank you lZara I truly appreciate your kind words!!


  • Martin Cid

    Congratulations for the book. You are making a fantastic work. Congratulations, Suzzan!
    I like also your paintings very much!

    • Thank you so much Martin for your kind words, I really appreciate them! Good to meet you!!



  • i left a comment earlier but it seems to have disappeared – in any event, yours is such a beautiful story of strength and courage and perseverance – all coming from a life more horrific than most can even imagine – rather than giving up/giving in you chose to use those demons from the past to your own benefit by giving them voice/vision in your own platform to save not only yourself, but others who may share that same unrelenting plight of abuse at the hands of others – others whose role it should have been to love and to nurture but who, instead, turned to neglect and abuse of children – brava to you for taking such a monumental stand for yourself and all those others – brava to you for turning your horrific past into a productive and loving present [the greatest of all gifts to self and others] – brava to you for what you must have revisited/relived in putting together this remarkable book and for doing it despite all that – congratulations on having at last found the love you have always deserved – and congratulations on your writing and artistic endeavors! best wishes on all!

    • Wow, Thank you so much Jenean!!! your wonderful,compassionate words really touched me! And yes, my choice had been go up or go down…I chose the former. and it wasn’t enough for me ‘just to survive’ I needed to turn all of that bad into good, and helping people is my antidote! I shall never get over what happened to me, I still suffer. But, I have to just ‘manage’ it, but it’s not easy in this world of apathy,selfishness and evil. It is too big a monster, that is out of control. And since the invention of this innocuous internet. Abuse is escalating out of control. And that is why I am always grateful when people like Yareah magazine help me to spread the word!

      Good to meet you!


  • Thanks Jenean. We know you have worked helping children too

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  • You are an amazing woman…….you leave me speechless and humbled at the same time. Thank you for sharing some of the most horrific abuses that continue today. You have a purpose in this life and your paintings prove what that purpose is. Thank you again so much for who you are and for what you stand for.

    • Thank you so very much for your wonderful words, I am deeply touched. Sexual abuse is a war on many levels..and one that I will always be in the middle of! 🙂


Suzzan Blac work is used in teaching programs to further understanding and insight into the whole spectrum of abuse and as an inspiring facet in helping abuse victims in group therapy. A renowned artist, her art is shown in galleries around the world.

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