Facebook will charge $100 for sending messages

Facebook will charge $100 for sending messages
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Facebook charges $100 for sending a message to Mark Zuckerberg as an example of Facebook future.

Facebook will charge $100 for sending messages

Facebook will charge $100 for sending messages

Mark Zuckerberg is tired of so many messages in his inbox. That is clear! Days ago, Facebook had already announced that it would begin charging $1 to send a message to any user (even if you were his/her friend at the social network). But the price can be multiplied by 100 if you are not a friend.

Mashable has just checked the threat and… Yes, it’s true! Mashable has tried to send a message to the inbox of the co-creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, and the notification was clear: to send the message, it was necessary to pay $100.

For sure, there are many users who decide to write to Mark Zuckerber to tell their opinion on the latest changes, the future of the company or its views on the new profile. Now, they cannot do it for free. The boss is tired! And if you’re not one of the 16 million fans who have Zuck on the social network, you must pay.

Anyway, Facebook not only wants $100 for sending messages in Zuck inbox but in whatever inbox of a strange. They think it’s a way of avoid spam.

The Verge tried to send a direct message to the inbox of the journalist Kate Gardiner and $100 were also required.

For now, this deterrent is only applied in the U.S. Then, if you have a facebook in whatever other country, you can still send messages to the inbox of Mark Zuckerberg for free.

What do you think of this measure? Does facebook want to reduce spam or to make a business? Is not $100 an excessive amount? How about $1 for ordinary messages? What will it happen in poor countries? Will it be possible that users get angry?

Tell us your opinion.


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  • the question is a joke right??? – the question of whether the $100 charge is for deterring spam OR MAKING MONEY – i dare not comment further else irk the fb boy and incur charges for expressing my opinion – but then, perhaps in the meantime, i really should say what i think, just as soon as i attach a $500 fee for anyone wishing to communicate with me…

    • martincid

      lol Jenean! Welcome. I hope you are a little better now. I had an idea. We can charge $5000 for each visit to Yareah Magazine… we get rich and we go to Monaco to play roulette. This guy is getting… you know what I mean

      • this definitely demands a return in kind – or, in this case, money against money! and monaco it is! my bag is packed – headed to the airport now – my personal contacts have arranged for us to stay at the palais du prince – the password for entry is “the rich get richer” – see you there – oh, and of course, jack is welcome, as well…

  • incillfub

    A clean fast is better than a dirty breakfast. Hobcaphah

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