Whitney Houston, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood: The Death & the Maiden

Whitney Houston, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood: The Death & the Maiden
Isabel del Rio

Whitney Houston, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood… They could have been starring The Death and the Maiden. Why are their deaths so mysterious? Can an icon die?

English: Crypt of Marilyn Monroe at Westwood V...

English: Crypt of Marilyn Monroe at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Maiden and the Death, I love this myth and I’ve written several times about it. Today, we have started the day with disturbing news: Whitney Houston could have been murdered by drug dealers!

Once again, a famous beautiful woman, an icon of her time, dies under mysterious circumstances. Once again, the Death defeats the Maiden, but the Maiden will life forever as a ghost, without a known end, almost immortal.

Marilyn Monroe died on August 5, 1962, from an overdose of barbiturates. This was the official dictum, a dictum nobody has never believed. And it’s most likely…, but a cultural icon as well as the quintessential American sex symbol cannot die and then, every kind of conjectures has been established. Result: Marilyn Monroe is with us forever, as we like it.

Same happens with Natalie Wood, another cultural icon and great sex symbol, this time brunette. Natalie Wood died on November 29, 1981, at age 43. Ofically, she drowned near Santa Catalina Island, California at the time of her last film, Brainstorm. Her death was declared an accident for 31 years but recently, after a new investigation, the cause was reclassified as ‘undetermined’ and we have Natalie again with us, as she never would had died.

Then, why not to revive Whitney Houston? We also love her, we also need her, life is better with her. Whitney Houston died on February 11 of this year. An overdose again. An overdose? Now a private investigator from Hollywood, Paul Huebl, has just said he has new proofs and he has given them to the FBI. Because Whitney Houston couldn’t have a secure death and everything must be so confusing as ever to begin to doubt about her end.

The Death cannot defeat the Maiden. At least not in a clear way.

Happy New Year, readers!

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  • very thought-provoking commentary here – and not lost on many many of us who continue to question the government’s/officials’ categorization of the deaths of each of these women – it doesn’t take a telescope to see things clearly sometimes – especially times when it [the cause of death] is not rocket science – but – politics – or homicide of another kind –

    • Michael Passe

      You are hinting at something. What are you trying to say?

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  • Mark Gayda

    When are investigators going to have Natalie Wood’s body exhumed?

    • martincid

      I think investigation is closed but I’m not absolutely sure of that

  • The lady was a number one crackhead, she is lucky she lived this long. Not going to lose any sleep over one less crackhead in the world, talk about a waste of time and money,

  • Michael Passe

    Marilyn may have been many things to many people, but “maiden?” She was a worldly and cynical woman who once said, “to the men in power, the men who make decisions, a woman is nothing but a (BLEEP BLEEP) piece of meat. They snap their fingers, and honey, you’d better spread your legs.” I guess a “maiden” can also be bitter, angry and depressed, but somehow I associate something else with the word.

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