Twilight saga: worst movies in film history

Twilight saga: worst movies in film history
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Twilight saga: worst movies in film history. Are you surprised?

Actor Robert Pattinson after the Twilight Saga...

Actor Robert Pattinson after the Twilight Saga Film New Moon (Twilight Chapitre 2 Tentation) Photocall at the Crillon Hotel in Paris, France on November 10, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to a survey by the Rifftrax website the saga Twilight, starring by Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner is the worst that has produced the film industry in years.

More than half a million people has chosen Twilight as the worst movie in a poll on internet.

The second in the list is Batman and Robin. George Clooney has gotten nearly 28,000 votes and the podium is completed by another character emerged from the Batman universe, Catwoman, starring by Halle Berry in 2004 (22,544 votes).


Spider-Man 3, the penultimate adaptation of Marvel’s wall-crawler and starring Tobey Maguire, got 19,000 votes. Number 5 is Airbender and in the sixth place we find “Super Mario Bros”. The unfortunate adaptation of the popular video game that was released in 1993. The list include: Jack and Jill, a recent comedy of Adam Sandler, The Son of the Mask and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.

Well, what a list! In fact, I’m not surprised with the Twilight result. The movies are only supportable for boys and girls under 12. Two years later, they understand the script has nonsense and actors are not the best of the film history.

I’m neither surprised with Catwoman. This film is famous for being awful and has received several rewards to the worst movie.

The other movies are also boring. However, I really like Batman and Robin and I cannot understand how they have voted George Clooney in this poll. George Clooney is always fantastic and Uma Thurman plays her role with irony and amusement. I love this film.

Anyway, everyone has its preferences and colors are for different likes. Enjoy the day and happy Christmas!

A recommendation for these days: If you still haven’t seen Batman and Robin, it’s a good moment.

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  • you’re right about the audiences such films attract – and i’ve long passed the age of them – then, there’s the issue of the actors in the twilight film – yeah – not up there with any of the hollywood big ones – while i do like clooney most of the time, i have seen several of his films where i thought he was less than his usual best – but uma! now, a different story! love her in everything i’ve seen!

  • Twilight has been PROVEN to be a BADLY-WRITTEN and HARMFUL book several times over!! LOOK at this stuff!! NO ONE is jealous of this woman OR this book’s popularity – concerned that it has been EXCUSED like this by GROWN WOMEN and worried about YOUNG over-obsessed Twihards being constantly BASHED in their HEARTS over it by these gossip rags, YEAH!
    But jealous of Stephenie Meyer’s sexual fantasy that she left GLARING throughout her unresearched, BLOODLESS Vampires within The Twilight Saga, ha! This book would NEVER have made as much money as it has IF she hadn’t gotten us all ACCIDENTALLY addicted to it, BEFORE she published Breaking Dawn – this is the ONLY REASON the last book/movie has been excused!!
    IF Smeyer had made them Vamp-Human hybrids or something, that MIGHT have worked… But really, NOTHING else made this story so appealing for us women. Read about it NOW or wait for the BOOK to come out next year!!
    Twilight addictions FINALLY explained in detail – Coming out as a BOOK next year!! Stephenie Meyer and her Army of “50 Shades of Grey” Desperate Housewives: The Twilight Saga Exposed. SIGN the PETITION thru December! Search for blogspot called: explaintwilightbreakingdawnending.

    • Avi

      I LIKE capslock, it MAKES words LOOK so MUCH more IMPORTANT.

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