Video Games End of the World. Best examples

Video Games End of the World. Best examples
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Video Games End of the World. Best examples: The Last of Us, Fallout 3, Fuel, Tokyo Jungle…

The-last-of-us-coverOn December 21, we will see the end of the world! Well, maybe, maybe not, but some old and new theories are threatening us with this idea. A recurrent idea (remember January 1, 2000). Anyway, it could be a good hypothesis to think about what we would like to do before everything finishes.

Literature, cinema, photography, philosophy… have already analyzed and imagined the end of the world (better, the end of our world). Most of them think about other possible worlds, which will appear from the ashes of our destruction.

Videogames couldn’t be indifferent to this topic. Lots of them have been playing (never better) with the thrilling idea of the end of the world.

Good examples:

‘The Last of Us’. The new videogame of Naughty Dog. A plague has wiped out the Earth population, leaving the remaining inhabitants in a very difficult situation, infected and fighting against monsters.

‘Fallout 3’. We find its origin in 1988, in Wasteland, a game for computers. Two hundred years after a was which culminated in a nuclear battle and disaster, the world has reborn from its ashes.

‘Fuel’ is another good example. Here, the global warming has desolated the planet and we had extensive areas of land to explore, and incidentally, compete. ‘Fuel’ is an interesting post-apocalyptic racing videogame. Absolutely exciting.

‘Tokio Jungle’ is another very different option. We must reincarnate in an animal and fight for survival. In group or individually. ‘Tokio Jungle’ is also good to analyze our personality. Do you prefer to be a lion or a mouse (a mouse can obtain benefits of its little size!).

Well, there are so many! The list can be endless if we include videogames about zombis.

Which are your preferences for this Christmas vacation?

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