Christmas 2012. Books you should not read

Christmas 2012. Books you should not read
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Christmas 2012. Books you should not read

Ellie conversing with a praying mantis called ...

Ellie conversing with a praying mantis called Dichard Rawkins. The scene satirizes popular atheist, biological theorist, and author of The God Delusion, Richard Dawkins. (Published 25 Nov 2009.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christmas days are a religious moments, based on the idea of the birthday of a good God, who will help us to get a eternal life full of peace and free of sufferings.

However, there have been very many authors throughout history who have denied God or have written about a bad God.

Of course, their books and essays are interesting readings. Even if you are atheist or a religious person, it is good, from time to time, to read about other different ideas.

But Christmas is not the best time to read these complicate books… if we want to be in consonance with this celebration.

Here, our list of unsuitable books for these days. Happy Christmas!

‘Letters from the Earth’ by Mark Twain (1835-1910).

American author Mark Twain could be satiric and sarcastic. In this book Satan writes letters to his friends, the archangels Gabriel and Michael, from our Earth, where he is exiled.

In the end, Twain questioned clearly the idea of God existence.

The book was published 50 years after Twain death due to his daughter opposition. She wanted people reminded his father as the friendly author of the adventures of Tom Sawyer or Huckleberry Finn.

-‘Why am I not Christian?’ By Bertrand Russell (1872-1970).

Fourteen critical essays, written between 1899 and 1954, where Russell says that fear is the base of religions. Furthermore, God or immortality ideas are not scientific.

Russell criticizes hardly the relation between Christians and sex: everything is sin!

-‘The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins’ (Nairobi, 1926)

Dawkins has declared himself atheist and he is considered ‘Darwin’s rottweiler’ due to his strong evolutionism.

This book is the Bible of every atheist person. A great scientific book, where Dawkins destroys God idea and possible existence.

However, his passionate way of writing and literary elegance make his essay very attractive, even for people against this kind of philosophic readings.

Definitely, don’t read these hard essays during these days and choose books of adventures with positive ends. It’s better for your mental health… Also, maybe you have another opinion. Then, tell us which books don’t you recommend for Christmas?

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  • in terms of the holiday itself – the christmas one – i personally do not celebrate it as any sort of religious day/holiday – as i do not hold to any organized “religion” or concept of a “great [white] father looking down from above and zapping out vengeance upon the world of sorry sinners – etc – nor do i hold to any other religion or concept of a “god”/head – but – but i do hold to the concept of love and kindness and generosity and to the spirit of those things in each of us – and it is in that light – the light of love in my own life that i try to celebrate “every” day – this just being one that happens to be sanctioned by the religion of christianity –

    a great list you’ve put together – no danger of my reading any of them now – or in the near future – but interesting to hear about – thank you –

  • Isabel del Rio

    I agree with you Jenean Gilstrap. If a religion is not based on love and kindness, it wouldn’t be called religion!

    • rubnawaz abbasi


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