Santa Claus. Interview at Yareah magazine. Happy Christmas 2012!

Santa Claus. Interview at Yareah magazine. Happy Christmas 2012!
Yareah Magazine

Santa Claus at Yareah magazine: Interview with Father Christmas and Happy Christmas 2012!

1914 Santa Claus in japan

1914 Santa Claus in japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christmas, Christmas… only a few days left for Christmas Eve. Santa Claus will come with presents and everybody will be happy. However, what does Santa Claus think? Which are Santa Claus likes? Today, Santa Claus has stopped some minutes at Yareah magazine to tell about him and his likes.

Good afternoon, Father Christmas, play with us! What is your favorite?

Animal: Of course, the reindeer.

Flower: Christmas flower.

Wild plant: Digitalis purpurea… it seems to be made of little bells.

Tree: A fir tree… with Christmas decorations!!!

Color: Red. I always wear red clothes.

Poem: If, by Rudyard Kipling… An example of life.

Novel: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.

Fiction character: The Happy Prince… he was generous and I like generous people.

Film: Nightmare before Christmas.

Actor: Charles Laughton. Because he was as fat as me… and as old!

Actress: Woopi Goldberg, terrible funny!

Film Director: Tim Burton (the director of Nightmare before Christmas).

Designer: Well, all of them. All of them make people to be happy.

Painting: handpainted Christmas cards, better by children.

Painter: Naïve style artists. Grandma Moses, for example.

Sculpture: There are so many beautiful sculptures in the gardens. I cannot choose.

Sculptor: Oh! Difficult! But I really like Alexander Calder happy mobiles.

Song: Of course, Christmas Carols.

Singer: Whoever child singing on Christmas Eve.

Crafts: Lakota tipis. I really appreciate their practical comfortable way of living.

Architect: Eskimos making igloos. You know, I’ve very many friends among them.

Landscape: Mmm Let me see! How about a dark sky with Santa Claus traveling on his sleigh!

City: Every city, town or village with happy children.

Time: December, 24

Stone: coal (for bad children). He laughs and winks.

Many thanks, Santa Claus, we know you have a lot of work. Then, we see around… Maybe next December, 24.


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  • http://www.facebook.com/jenean.gilstrap Jenean Gilstrap

    LOL!!! very neat interview with the man in red – you’ll be doing a SANTA CLAUSENE interview next, right? you know, the woman behind the man SANTA CLAUSENE… 😉

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