The Mentalist. TV series. Reasons to see season 5

The Mentalist. TV series. Reasons to see season 5
Ignacio Zara

The Mentalist. TV series. Ten good reasons to see season 5

Simon Baker, aka The Mentalist

Simon Baker, aka The Mentalist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

-The protagonist, Patrick Jane (Simon Baker), is a disturbing character, full of problems and (of course, this is the good point) charms. In my point of view, Patrick Jane can only be compared with Sherlock Holmes. The show was created by Bruno Heller. Congratulations, Bruno.

-Patrick Jane has an enigmatic enemy, Red John. He killed Patrick’s wife and daughter in a cruel way and he keeps on threatening Patrick. Previously, Patrick Jane was a psychic and now, he is a consultant to the fictional California Bureau of Investigation (CBI). However, he uses the highly developed observational skills, he previously employed, to “read” peoples’ minds in the police investigations. This detail makes The Mentalist a different police procedural TV series.

Patrick Jane

Patrick Jane (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

-Simon Baker is one of the sexiest actors of a TV series.

-On March 14, 2012, CBS announced that The Mentalist was renewed for a fifth season, which premiered on September 30, 2012. Something will have a TV series which has lasted so much!

-Teresa Lisbon (Robin Tunney), a senior agent and Patrick’s boss, is the perfect couple of Patrick. She is so professional and sensible!

-One of the best characters is Wayne Rigsby (Owain Yeoman). He is a big man and an arson specialist but he is also so shy!… He is lovely!

-The luxurious houses of the series are worthwhile.

-Also costumes.

-The Mentalist is mostly filmed within the studio zone in Los Angeles County, what is a synonym of perfection.

-Good jokes and ironies.

Definitely, Patrick Jane unconventional and often absolute illegal methods (hypnosis) are amusing as well as the problems he causes to Teresa Lisbon and to the rest of the team. He is a blessing resolving cases and a curse at the same time. Meanwhile, the hunt for Red John continues…

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  • great review of this great series – one i follow, as well – and particularly, for the depth of character of patrick jane – very intriguing to ride along the roller coaster that is his mind in this show – also, his vulnerability – which is always just under the surface – is very charming and allows the viewer to relate on a personal basis – as we all are vulnerable especially when a loved one has been ripped tragically from us at the hands of a monster – in any event – great show – thanks for sharing your thoughts –

    • renamoretti1

      That was the Jane of season one and part of two, but this vulnerability and danger has gone from the character. Simon Baker is still brilliant but even he needs more to work from.

      The rest of the cast is not as good and they’re just mind-bogglingly boring now.

      But what I find amazing is that I have yet to see anyone even acknowledge the huge plot hole of Red John’s girl materializing herself back in jail.

      Bad writing in full display and all the Mentalist viewers seems to ignore the Emperor is dead (although the precipitous dive in the ratings does not lie – like it didn’t lie for House a similarly great show which became unwatchable with bad photography and writing in spite of a great lead actor).

  • renamoretti1

    I cold not disagree more.

    Season 5 has given us: Awful photograpy – the show used to be the best photographed show on TV now it’s unwatchable crappola.

    Huge plot holes: Emmanuelle Chriqui’s character one episode is out of jail and Jane is looking for her. The next he frees her from jail. That’s just the crappiest writing I have seen on TV since I stopped watching J.J. Abrams plot-hole-fests.

    Red headed woman (Grace) still can’t act and kills every scene she is in dead. I found myself drifting off every time she speaks.

    Cho still can’t do anything except deadpan humor and the writers have decided that he has lost his sense of humor.

    Jane is not sad any longer. He is just bored and can’t think of anything to amuse himself or us (ie. the writers don’t know what to do with him and thus make him bland)

    In other worlds, it’s a show that is creatively dead made with people who give the impression their only concern is a pay check (seriously, how does Bruno Heller not scream at the poor quality of the photography – does he ever watch his own show?!!!)

    I actually regret seeing Season 5 (and season 4 with its ridiculous Red John is not dead after all absurdity).

    The mentalist Seasons 1-3 is a great show that slowly became a good show but would stay in the annals of TV as great. Now it’s like CSI, ER and X-Files in danger of having so many bad seasons, they’ll overshadow the great ones.

Ignacio Zara

Assistant Managing Editor at Yareah® Magazine

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