On my Bookshelf: Don Quixote’s Impossible Dream by David P. Grzan

On my Bookshelf: Don Quixote’s Impossible Dream by David P. Grzan

Don Quixote’s Impossible Dream by David P. Grzan.

I will tell you about a man who wrote an epic poem inspired in Don Quixote and dedicated it to his wife…

Don Quixote's Impossible Dream by David P, Grzan

Don Quixote’s Impossible Dream by David P, Grzan

As you know, I’m from Spain, the land of the immortal Don Quixote and Sancho. Yes, years have passed and today Spain is at the edge of bankruptcy but we can always say that this is the land where Don Quixote was born.

Surfing on the web I found a man with a very special passion: Don Quixote. Of course, I was very surprised because I didn’t expect to find such a passionate man to the Spanish character in USA. I’ve been looking his site, a very good site and… Oh, sorry, I forgot! His name is David P. Grzan and he is the author of Don Quixote’s Impossible Dream, an epic poem about the legendary Don Quixote.

I’ve been reading an excerpt and I found it very interesting. I will read it as soon as I can, Mr. Grzan, but I felt something special when I took a look to your site . In this modern world of mobile phones, computers and machines everywhere, someone has the time to remember a giant of the Universal Literature like Miguel de Cervantes and, overall, the courage of writing about an immortal character.  Of course, I love Cervantes and everything about his time –much better than this -but I’ve found the book is… a long poem! And if you join Cervantes and a long poem you got me. I loved The Lost Paradise by Milton and I think Don Juan is one of the best books written by Byron. There’s something special in a long poem difficult to express, a magnificent ambition and a magnificent greatness too.

I don’t know why but I can feel something good with this book and I am going to read it. When I was young I read many books but somehow I lost the habit and today, I think it’s the propitious day to read back. I was so busy last weeks, but I feel something good when I see the landscape and the windmill… this field in pink on the cover… I have the premonition it will be a good book. Also, David P. Grzan has been studying Don Quixote for twenty years, a very great incentive too.

Anyway, I know the difficulty of writing a book and I would like to congratulate its author, David P. Grzan, for the effort. I will read your book with much interest and I am sure I will love it.

About the author

David P. Grzan is married, has four lovely children and lives in Orono, Minnesota.  He holds two postgraduate degrees and is a devotee of the Humanities.  David has a deeply personal affinity for Cervantes’ epic, which provided the framework for him to write his own project predicated on the ideals espoused by the character of Don Quixote.


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  • you are so right…how incredible to find someone – especially to find that someone in today’s world – whose passion for what was and what can be remains after so many years – and whose passion compels him to write – not just to write – but to write so beautifully and with such conviction – the excerpt of grzan’s impossible dream captivates and leaves one hungry for more – thanks so much for sharing this delectable find…


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