Best web browsers for Windows: Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox

Best web browsers for Windows: Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox

There are three important browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Like user, I will tell you which I prefer and my reasons

Logo used from the start of the Chrome project...

Logo used from the start of the Chrome project until March 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since I use internet I’ve been using many browsers. Do you remember Netscape? Of course, and it was a great browser. Then I used Mozilla Firefox, its proud heir. Now there are three important browsers fighting to win battle of the browsers and I will explain which I prefer and my very personal reasons.

1.- Google Chrome

Yes, I know some people think google wants to dominate the world but I think they are doing some good things too and, of course, google chrome is one of them.

Chrome is a versatile browser and everything goes well in chrome…  I agree with the opinion of one of the executives of Firefox: they are rich and they can do things that others cannot. They have chrome store, a fantastic idea where you can find thousands of good useful applications for chrome. With chrome it’s very easy to read your mail and you can personalize everything because of these apps.

Another important thing, today it’s very important to have a google account because it makes your life much easier. If you have an Android, I recommend google Chrome for your PC because you will have your contacts, your calendar and everything there. If you are like me, a person who loves to try every operating system and you like to format the PC more than the French cheese… google Chrome will make your life easier thanks to google accounts and every time you format the computer you will have your chrome browser exactly as before. It will synchronize with Android very well and you won’t lose any contact or any important info.

My last reason and you can like it or not. Google has everything: maps, books, store, apps… and if you use Chrome you have access to everything in the easier way because this simple reason: they did it.

2.- Internet Explorer

I like the new version of Internet Explorer and, if you like Windows 8, you will love the new version of IE but, for me -and I’m talking about it very personally-, I can feel something strange when Windows asks me something. Yes, with Windows 8 and IE you have a powerful system to contact and explore and enjoy the web. I know, it’s more or less the same thing than a google account but… I don’t know why but I don’t like to share my personal data with the Redmond company.

But, of course, you have this option and if you choose IE you will enjoy other possibilities. The new IE is clear, easy to use, powerful and it’s perfectly integrated into Windows 8. The new msn site is fantastic and I love to read news there. Oh, I forgot: the new option in Windows 8 for traveling is fantastic.

3.- Mozila Firefox

Good browser too but they have lost many users since google Chrome appeared. It’s supposed it’s the safest browser to surf on the web. When I designed sites, I loved Firefox and the fact is that I used Firefox before Google Chrome. They have extensions and they are useful but, sadly, the developers are creating apps for chrome and mac and they are forgetting my beloved Firefox. My personal opinion is Firefox is getting a little old and time passes. That’s the only problem of Firefox.

They have also another problem with mobile phones. I tried to install Firefox in my Samsung. I cannot and I don’t know why. Some issues with my Galaxy but… I cannot. S.N (stupid note): I use Opera on mobile.

Like the rabbit said, ‘It’s all, folks’. We hope you enjoy this Friday and, from Yareah, we wish you all the best. Have a terrific day!

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