Gypsy Poems by a Gypsy Sinti ethnic author: Rinaldo DiRicchardi

Gypsy Poems by a Gypsy Sinti ethnic author: Rinaldo DiRicchardi

Gypsy Poems by a Gypsy Sinti ethnic minority author: Rinaldo DiRicchardi

Enjoy these Gypsy poems by Rinaldo DiRicchardi: Fatherland, Miserere, and God Almighty.

Read this deep poems by an author from Slovenia, from the Gypsy Sinti Ethnic minority, researcher on Institute on Gypsy/Romani/Sinti/Traveller studies, Ethnicity and Migration at Ljubljana.

Gypsy Poems. Gypsy/sinti from Slovenia - authors grandmother Cecilia Reichardt. Courtesy of Rinaldo DiRicchardi

Gypsy Poems. Gypsy/sinti from Slovenia – authors grandmother Cecilia Reichardt. Courtesy of Rinaldo DiRicchardi




I have no home, no fatherland,

I am a soldier with no weapons,

No worldly goods can tie me down,

My paths lead me into distances grey.


Trenches are my bed,

The starry skies of the universe

Will cover me when nights are cold.


I shall write invisible letters

On clouds of cigarette smoke

And remember times full of grace

When groves were awakening in spring;


Only memories remain there,

The tranquility of souls will not decay.

Bitter thoughts have built barriers,

Fields will bleed in spasms –

A safe haven for a hero of the fatherland.




Night after night, the hassock in my room,

The only safe haven

Against the bale anguish of times,

Reminding me of happiness gone by.


Worn from kneeling,

Furrowed from weeping and sighing,

The purple velvet still carries traces

Of time impressed with the Lord’s prayers.


Above, a crucifix in the wrath of God

Reminds me of my insignificance…


My feeble and quiverving hands

Are joined together convulsively

around a rosary,


Hopelessly rising towards Thee

Begging your miserere, Domine!


God Almighty


Oh God, before Thee on my knees

I fall in hopelessness of my soul!

The chain’s ring is squeezing and

Suffocating me,


The mark of a wound from sombre fetters

Restrain the freedom of my soul…

Dreadfully dark is this night…


Gloriously in the tabernacle you dwell,

Commanding troops of angels

for ever and ever,

Send me help,

Give me an elixir,

So I can walk loyally on the path

That leads me to paradise in heaven.


Full of thorns and vain hopes are the paths,

That today are the failings of mankind,

Gazing onto your almightiness,

I shall break the fetters of my soul

And banish the darkness and fear into


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  • how beautiful – full of longing and tenderness – and the image of the author’s grandmother, magnificent – such stories i know she could tell…


Author/poet belong to the slovenian Gypsy/Sinti ethnic minority. The Sinti minority from Upper Carniola in Republic of Slovenia are just a part of a larger Austrian – German Sinti minority but during the WW I and WW II Sinti families named Reichardt, DiRicchardi, Horn, Müller migrated into slovenian ethnic areas – Upper Carniola, near Italian and Austrian border. In that time Slovenia was just a part of Austrian – Hungarian empire (Habsburg monarchy). During the WW II the slovenian Sinti minority was expelled in Nazi CC Auschwitz, Dachau, Jasenovac in Croatia and some of them in Serbia. During WW II Sinti minority had around 450 members, 300 Sinti was killed in Nazi CC; those Sinti members who remained alive fled the camp and joined the Partisans. Although Sinti are over 100 years socialized and integrated into modern society, the author still flirt with the traditional life of Gypsy/Sinti Traveller ancestors and therefore occasionally work as a tourist guide in the Mediterranean, Europe and the Holy Land with Jordan.

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