Tony Cragg at Lisson Gallery. Isabel del Rio Review

Tony Cragg at Lisson Gallery. Isabel del Rio Review
Isabel del Rio

Tony Cragg is at Lisson Gallery

Tony Cragg, Frame, 2012 © Tony Cragg; Courtesy, Lisson Gallery, London, Photography by Michael Richter

Tony Cragg artwork at Lisson Gallery in London. Review by Isabel del Rio

The sculptor Tony Cragg is exhibiting at Lisson Gallery in London from November 28 to January 12, 2013. This is Tonny Cragg’s twelfth exhibition at Lisson Gallery. Then, it represents more than three decades of collaboration since his first show in 1979. Yareah magazine congratulates both of them for this important new event!

Tony Cragg, Versus, 2012 © Tony Cragg; Courtesy, Lisson Gallery, London

Currently, Tony Gragg is a famous artist who has exhibited worldwide, including the Tate Gallery in London (1989), Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris (1996), MoMA in New York (2005), the Nasher Sculpture Centre in Dallas (2011), Louvre Museum in Paris (2011) or the CAFA Art Museum in Beijing (2012). However, seeing Tony Cragg’s new exhibition, we can claim that ‘famous’ is not synonymous with ‘stuck-up’ but with ‘truth’, the truth of an artist looking for a new level of understanding, beyond his previous achievements.

Matter and materials have always been his source of inspiration. Wood, bronze, stone… how many possibilities do they hide? How many worlds can develop from them? A difficult answer because Tony Cragg knows that materials hide a complete universe, a universe which emerges from the interior of every stone grain, for each wood vein and for the smaller cast bronze drop to expand, to spread in happy orbits of life. Circles and more circles, ellipses crossing other orbits of uncontrollable stars full of strength, free even in their own subject, maybe on the far side of the Moon. Who has seen that side? Nobody. Who has imagined that side? Of course, the heart of the artist: Tony Cragg’s heart.

Tony Cragg, Off the Mountain, 2012 © Tony Cragg; Courtesy, Lisson Gallery, London. Photography by Michael Richter

I love his sculpture titled ‘Versus’. It’s the best representation I’ve ever seen of a beginning, of a beginning still full of holes, still incomplete, still growing in a marvelous big bang. What to say about ‘Off Mountain’? Maybe nothing, maybe we have to listen to the mountain, it is trying to speak, no doubt. Sincerity and happiness are two good words to define Tony Cragg’s artwork.

Mesmerizing artwork… we can be hours in front of it, because it’s not a quiescent art but art in movement, with the dance of the stars.


Off the Mountain, 2012, Stone (black), 85x80x55cm,

© Tony Cragg; Courtesy, Lisson Gallery, London, Photography by Michael Richter

Versus, 2012, Bronze,150x160x55cm,

© Tony Cragg; Courtesy, Lisson Gallery, London

Frame, 2012, Wood, 167x140x176cm,

© Tony Cragg; Courtesy, Lisson Gallery, London, Photography by Michael Richter

See more about the exhibition:

About the Artist:

Tony Cragg (b. 1949 Liverpool, England) studied at Gloucestershire College of Art, Cheltenham, from 1969-70, Wimbledon School of Art, London, from 1970-73 and the Royal College of Art, London from 1973-77. Cragg took up his first teaching post at the School of Fine Arts, Metz, before moving to the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in 1978. In 1988 he was awarded a professorship, and was appointed director in 2009.

Tony Cragg won the Turner Prize in 1988 and represented Britain at the XLIII Venice Biennale in the same year. In 1994, he was elected Royal Academician and in 2007 he was awarded the Praemium Imperiale for sculpture. In 2012 he was awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany. Mosr recently, Cragg has installed a series of monumental sculptures along Exhibition Road and inside some of its neighbouring museums, including the Science Museum, Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

He lives and works in Wuppertal, Germany.

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