Julian Assange: hacker, villain, hacker-activist, hero?

Julian Assange: hacker, villain, hacker-activist, hero?
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Julian Assange and his Wikileaks has untied a general unease to some people. For others, he is a hero and the man who represents the modern way of thinking of a whole generation

English: Julian Assange at New Media Days 09 i...

English: Julian Assange at New Media Days 09 in Copenhagen. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who is Julian Assange? In his early life he was a hacker-activist before becoming known for his Wikileaks, the site which published submissions of secret information. That’s we all know and that’s the official story.

I know a girl who was in love with Mr. Assange –I don’t lie, she really was- and, of course, I know dozens of people who defend his work, considering him like the man who carries the flag of liberty through the world of the bits –sorry, I was a little poetic-. The fact, and I know someone can disagree with me, is that Julian Assange has captured the attention and the sight of the new activist tendencies that don’t believe in the system. For some people, he is a hero, and for others, he’s someone guilty of revealing State secrets and he might go to jail –he’s now confined-.

One month ago, even lady Gaga has visited him –and of course, I don’t mean that was a marketing movement ;)-. When he was accused of… -we all know the accusation- almost nobody believe it: he is a very serious problem, much more than the accusation-. The governments have their eyes on him and the western world is looking with a magnifying glass every movement of him. Are so important the fact he has revealed? He’s polemic, he has personality and he says what nobody wants to tell. Yes, he’s guilty to reveal State secrets but I think the Assange’s case is more than that: he is the point of view of people who think that there’s another point of view, that there’s another way to manage things. Of course, he was an active part of the hacker activism and he has the point of view of an outsider and it’s precisely here where we need to look now. How many people are so unhappy with the western behavior? How many people support Assange because he is the flag of the outsiders? How many people felt that there’s something THEY are hiding ?

I know these aren’t the X Files –I love those series, hehe- but maybe he has revealed something more interesting that some files: the disconcerting atmosphere of a world that wants to know more and knows that someone is hiding the truth. Yes, the X-Files were a success on TV maybe for the same reason (and please, I’m not comparing them). The real success of Assange is precisely this: reveal people’s unease. Is he guilty now? I would like to say the classic ‘I don’t know’ but I don’t want to say it for more. And I must add: nobody said that the revelations of Assange were a fake. Then… were there true? Silence, silence, silence! Might we continue supporting the cruel activities that Assange revealed? Anonymous, occupy Wall Street or whatever you want. Aren’t  people’s complaints untrue? I know I’m speaking now with the heart and I know there’s something surrealistic comparing Wall Street with the X-Files but… I really prefer the agents Mulder and Scully and, of course…

There’s a feeling that makes me support Julian Assange.

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  • iliosellas

    Please help support freedom of the press and freedom of information by sponsoring Julian Assange for the Nobel prize for freedom of the press: Google: Avaaz.org Julian Assange for Nobel prize “Freedom of the Press” and vote!

  • Richard

    He’s a hero.

    Anyone who has been properly watching Wikileaks/Assange from the beginning — rather than getting bits & pieces from corrupt mainstream media — knows that he’s a hero.

  • Omniogignes

    Julian Assange is a journalist in the age which all that is required to be a journalist is a computer and a website. The news is still being reported, scandals are still being uncovered and information is still being leaked.

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  • Escaped Canuk

    Of all the places I have been to live and work I have never seen such a culture of hatred as I have seen in Anustralia. The years of abuse I endured there was totally surrealistic and I am beyond ecstatic that I finally managed to leave that pathetic place.

    Assange insofar as I am concerned is another member of that uninformed uniform society. It’s all a con doing what Anustralians love to do best…. hating.

  • very well said, martin…as always, such a pleasure reading you – your thoughts always intriguing – and in my opinion here, right on!

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