Current Art. Interview with Echi Aaberg at Yareah magazine

Current Art. Interview with Echi Aaberg at Yareah magazine
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Current Art and Art trends. Read the interview with the artist Echi Aaberg. Today on Yareah magazine.

Current art. Interview with artist Echi Aaberg

Current art. Interview with artist Echi Aaberg

Current art. Interview: Echi Aaberg is an artist who has been recently published and reviewed in Yareah magazine ( Her artwork is creative and bold, so bold as to ask her about current art and trends and, of course, about her personal career (for sure, different to other conservative careers).

Hi, Echi.

Current art. Bo Nilsson by Echi Aaberg

Current art. Bo Nilsson by Echi Aaberg

Q.- I know you have studied in different academies of Fine Arts, also in different countries. When and why did you decide to start a so personal style? Have you been criticized by it (I mean, sometimes people only like classical figurative artwork and they don’t want to consider abstract art, less if the abstraction is so free as yours)?

A.- I work in many different styles –depending on where and when I eventually got the inspiration. Change rather often range of colours and prefer to paint abstract or figure abstract. I just never paint the nature because the nature does it perfect itself. I can use the beautiful colours in nature as inspiration but what will end up on the canvas is anyhow always abstract. This may be criticized by those who likes classical pieces but it is up to them to buy what they like. I believe that abstract painting is more interesting because the observer is free to interpret – depending on background, age, sex etc.

I give you below three ex regarding one painting:

On one exhibition a child said to the mother – mother look she has painted a lady praying to God.

The same exhibition and the same painting a man said to me – I see you have painted a male with a tie.

Same evening I got an angry email from a person that wrote – that I should not show paintings of vaginas – this comment made me laugh.

Current art. Amaktor by Echi Aaberg

Current art. Amaktor by Echi Aaberg

Q.- Do you think an artist should travel and live in other countries? I mean, is it possible to be an artist seeing always the same landscape?

A.- About travel around to see other “landscapes “ I think is necessary in order develop yourself and what you are doing and not get stuck with the same view. You need input in order to develop as a human so consequently you also need input to develop your work.

Q.- What do you think about current quality of arts? Are money, marketing, agents… interfering in arts more than ever? What is the result?

A.- Money, always an issue in every corner of the society and very present within art. I do not sell my art with an agent involved – someone who probably has a much wider network than I will ever have. Still I prefer to do the job myself – it is not an easy task and marketing is also expensive. But instead of advertise in newspapers I use internet and there are many, many channels to use for showing – it is however not the same as selling. Selling is something else and Sweden is a small country but I manage ok. To exhibit in well established galleries is almost impossible without a connection and to exhibit in other rental galleries is expensive and you have to be there yourself during the exhibition time – have tried that!

I exhibit in my own Gallery Anima during the artweek, Eatser week, in this part of Sweden. Otherwise I exhibit my work at artclubs by different companies. Another possibility is to hung pieces at hotels and restaurants.

Q.- 20th century was a great time for arts. Movements and more movements, artists investigate every corner in the plastic arts. Do they have left us something? In your opinion, what is the way an artist of the 21th century could follow?

A.- Art of the 21th century will be more print, more computer art but I think there always will be an interest for paint on canvas. I also think that abstract art will have a future both with usual buyers and collectors. The arena for art and artists changes – but I do think and hope that all artists will have one.

Q.- The other day, when I was reviewing your paintings, all of them titled ‘Hidden Message’ I was imagining the ‘message’. However, I know you don’t want to explain it but maybe you’d like to indicate a place or situation (only one) were art is usually hidden.

A.- My paintings “Hidden message” – have that title because I want the observer to find something in the canvas depending on the own imagination. A title may make the observer just pass the piece because they cannot get the connection between the title and the work they are looking at.

I very seldom use a title on my work – I did made some paintings inspired by the music and lyrics by the Swedish composer Bo Nilsson because this was a very special occasion.

Art can be hidden in several ways – for instance if the placing is wrong and you therefore not notice the piece among the other pieces. It can in fact also be hidden by the title – lets say I name a piece “Madrid” the observer will than try to find the association if they like the painting. Another may read the title “Madrid” and just think “What?” In this case I think the artist did hide the painting himself.

Q.- And how about your next projects? Where are you going to look for your hidden secrets? How are you going to reflect them afterwards?

A.- I usually work in the studio during the autumn and winter, while weather is dark, gloomy and windy. I sketch what I see when my eve catch something interesting and I take photos when travel in Sweden or abroad. Than I use these “memories” as a ground for my paintings, for now I have not yet my ideas all clear for the blank canvas and they will grown and cover the white surface.

Congratulations, Echi Aaberg, keep on so free.

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