Fifa 13, impressions of a middle-aged game addict

Fifa 13, impressions of a middle-aged game addict

Fifa 13 is the culmination of Fifa saga. A very addictive game. Simply, th best Fifa game I’ve played until date.

International Friendly - FIFA 13 Career Mode

International Friendly – FIFA 13 Career Mode (Photo credit: EA SPORTS FIFA)

No, I’m not the class of man who reads all the internet videogames magazines and I’m not the man who knows everything about graphic cards or the man who has the optimized motherboard for his gaming experience… but I am a Fifa fan since… wow, more than ten years! (I’m afraid I’m getting older and older each minute). I’ve begun to play when I was still in the University –and maybe Fifa was one of the reasons why I didn’t spend there so much time-. It was the 98 version and I scored all the goals with a very good player, the Argentinean Batistuta –in the real football game, he was one of the best strikers I’ve seen-. The game was the best in those times and, a lot of years after, the Fifa saga continue with the throne of Football-Soccer games.

First of all, the presentation is the same as always, the same atmosphere with Messi striking the ball, shooting and those kind of things. I begin to play a simple match and I’ve discovered several things: the physics are the more remarkable improvement in this version of the game. When I’ve played older versions of the game I had the sensation that the ball was part of a formula created for the programmer to improve the game. In other words, the ball movement was not as real as in this game. In Fifa 13 you have the sensation that you really can control the player movements and the ball is really there.

Of course, the game is more than ball movement: celebrations, good graphics and a great career mode –I’m playing now there creating the definitive striker-. The best teams are in fact the best teams in real soccer and the shadow of the best –Messi- is everywhere. Yesterday night, I spent several hours playing this great game. Don’t tell my wife but… I think I will do the same tonight!

I know that the purists of football games maybe can prefer another games. With Fifa 13, EA Sports warranties not only the secure sells of the Fifa fans… maybe these purists are going to find a new game with the old qualities of the Fifa saga. The game now is spectacular, of course, but it’s also more real than before.

We really recommend it!


Now, and after my dear thrombosis, I can feel again like an 18 years old boy, playing football again and scoring goals. I know I’m too old to continue playing videogames but… well, I can feel young again with this Fifa 13.

Note: Later, when the F.C. Barcelona match begin, I will be narrating the match. Today it’s football day.

Note 2: Multiplayer mode not tested. I’m scared to check it. If I can win a game it will be dangerous for my relationship.

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  • Goombah

    Hands down the most poorly written article on a game ever.

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