Celtic Galsgow – F.C. Barcelona. Live Comments at 20.45 European Time

Celtic Galsgow – F.C. Barcelona. Live Comments at 20.45 European Time

It’s time for football, soccer or whatever you want. Today, at 20.45 European Time, Champions League. Maybe the best team in the world against its penultimate challenge. Let’s see what can do Tito Villanova’s team.

Live comments will begin at 20.45 with Martin Cid

19.27.- TIme to relax, mates… I have to prepare the match and I have to go out with Jack first -and yes, I am going to bottle of good spirit drink ;)-.

20.33: I’m here again. Everything is fine. Time for football now. Let’s see the two teams squads.

Celtic:  Forster; Lustig, Ambrose, Wilson, Matthews; Commons, Wanyama, Ledley, Mulgrew; Miku and Samaras.

F.C. Barcelona: Valdés, Alves, Bartra, Mascherano, Alba; Song, Xavi, Iniesta; Pedro, Alexis and Leo Messi

And matcth begins!

Min 2: It will be a difficult match for F.C. Barcelona

Min 03: I haven’t seen it. Alexis Sanchez is playing. Let’s see. I prefer Villa but last season Alexis played really well.

Min 5: Xavi shoots. Good opportunity. Celtic is very defensive  trying to playing fast counterattacks.

Min 7: Messi out! F.C. Barcelona is attacking and it looks like the fisrt goal is going to be here quickly.

Min 11. Macth tied 0-0

Min 12: Yellow card to Song

Min 19: Corner for Celtic boys.

Min 20… Goal! Goal, Goal for the Celtic!

Buah! 1-0.. this will be very difficult.

Min 24: Barcelona is playing quite well but… it will be difficult to generate opportunities with this kind of defense  They are very strong players.

Min 25. Alves shoot…. out. Corner (it would be awasome if Barcleona scores in a corner play, lol).

Min 26: counteratack for Celtic and… great oportunity for Samaras who did get the ball.

Min 28.  What an oportunity by Messi! at the post! The goalkeaper toched the ball

(Ah, sorry. I forgot it. The 1-0 scored by Wanyama).

Min 35 and no news under the sun. Barcelona is trying it but the deffense of the Celtic is playing a serious game. I have a bad impression for this match. Barcelona needs a goal before the 45′.

Minb 36… Alexis head to the post!

Min 37: every time the celic goes in the Barcelona lands it’s dangerous. Barcelona has defensive difficulties.

In 2008 and 2004, the Barcelona had won there. Will they do it again today? It doesn’t looks fine.

Nah, end of the first half… It would be better than I go to eat. See you in the second half.

Nah, the synopsis for this film is this 17 arrives from Barcelona, 1 from Celtic of Glasgow. 1-0 for Glasgow. It’s not bad luck, it’s football.

Second half begins

Min 45: the screenplay will be more or less the same. Barcelona will have the total control of the ball…

Min 3 first arrive and Tito Villanova looks nervous at the bench

Min 7 of the Second Half (more or less, my TV has lost its indicator, I don’t know). Pedro has a chance: out.

Min 55: Am I the only one who thinks that this is Impossible mission? Celtic is too closed, defending well. Anyway I have a strange feeling: Barcelona is not doing everything he should do

Min 59. Same feeling here. It’s like hit a wall

Min 60: Forster, the Celtic goalkeeper, stops a very good chance by Alexis. Fraser Forster, the man of the match until now.

Min 65. Chance for the Celtic.

Barcelona is playing better now. I think something can happen now.

Ah, Villa is in.

My god! What a chance for Leo! Forster has definitely his night!

17′ to the end

10′ to the end and just a miracle can solve this situation. I doon’t know how many Barcelona shoots… maybe 40? Incredible!

Min 82. Messi…

FUFUUUUUUFUFUFUF and the next two… 2-0 for the Celtic. Come on! Thus, this is football. Great counterattack play. This is the end of the match. Watt, the man who comes from the bench, scored the 2-0. The man who came from the bench. isn’t it a good title for a movie? I think it is.

Nah, 91′! Villa out… Thanks for your time, mates. Next time it will be better. Barcelona lost this match and they have to wait to the next match to qualify for the next round….

2-1. Messi. Messi’s goal.

2′ to the end. Let’s wait two minutes. Barcelona tried until its last whisper but… last chance? No, Celtic won.

Thanks for all, mates. Is football a game of luck? It’s, but it’s more than it. Football s football.

Have a great day!

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