How to get a legal photo for your blog. Copyright

How to get a legal photo for your blog. Copyright

I’m not a lawyer and this is a serious problem in these modern times. There are copyright laws for everything!

Hey, before we begin, if you want a serious guide of copyright, this article is not for you. If you want to smile for a while, maybe you can with it.

Hello, my friends. Today we will talk about a controversial subject: the copyright. As an artist or something like that –I think we, writers, are artists too- I understand an artist must be paid for its work. When I write a book, I need to be paid. This is normal. I write a book, I send it to an agent and he or she sends it to a publishing house and they publish the book… some people buy it and everything is fine and the Sun shines and there are sunny happy people everywhere… or maybe not, because we need to understand a lot about copyright laws flying out there.

When I am writing a book and one of my drunken characters wants a glass of delicious and saint whiskey, for example. May I use the brand or am I violating the copyright? Uhh, I’m scared. May I say something like ‘Mr. K is going to drink a cup of J.D. because I don’t want to infringe the copyright laws’? It doesn’t sound good, of course. My drunken boy wanted to drink a J.D., he is not going to kill anyone. He just wanted a glass of whiskey! But I’m not sure if I can use the brand or not but…

Today I was thinking about the fonts. May I use a good font for the cover of my book? No, it must be a free font, because the copyright is there again. O.k, O.k… this is the second thing I have to think and I look for some free fonts and I discover –I really did the other day- that a company has registered and copyrighted a font created in… the 18th century! One thing is that we have to pay the creators and another is that. That company, and of course I won’t say its name, has gone far away from the common sense –there are another funny cases, maybe I will tell you about them some day-.

Well, let’s continue our travel through the crying laws. Ey, I like that building! Did you know that some buildings are in fact copyrighted. Very, very curious –even I’ve heard that one company tried to copyright the basmati rice, very curious too- . You can have the more expensive camera in the market but you cannot take a photo of some buildings because you can go to jail if you do it.

Well, O.k… may I use that photo that…? No! Copyright, copyright, copyright!

The way to use a photo on internet is a world of licenses, attributions and many things. Of course you can find the way to escape from jail but… you will need patience and time.

Sometimes, I feel that this world is getting crazy. I don’t want to violate anything, even the copyright, but I have the strange feeling that they have gone so far. Don’t you think it?

To finish, I will tell you how to publish a legal photo for your blog, yes. It’s a magic trick, it’s the magic formula, yes! And here it’s the example. Please, don’t cry. It’s absolutely legal and I promise the fonts, the woods, the girl and the wolf are not copyrighted!

Little Red Riding Hood.Copyright: Martin Cid (I might be ashamed but I'm not)

Little Red Riding Hood.Copyright: Martin Cid (I might be ashamed but I’m not)

© Copyrighted by Martin Cid. If you use it in your blog you won’t go to jail, but it won’t talk good about your painting understanding.

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  • fabulous!!! and RIGHT ON! today’s world has gone so completely over the edge on so many many things! common sense no longer prevails – criminal laws enacted for the most minutely perceived offense – everyone is presumed guilty of some atrocious act unless and until proven innocent – and yes, copyright this and copyright that – i mean, how in the world could ANYone possibly know all the little in’s and out’s of copyright in today’s world of over this and over that – it gets curiouser and curiouser – oh, dear goodness, have i now violated copyright of this phrase!! well, when pigs fly, i’ll worry about it! 😉

    well, i salute you, sir – for standing up and speaking out! and copy this if you like – no copyright issue here! 😉

    • martincid

      Hhehe, I will use it to sell t-shirts and I will be rich because of you! hahhahahahha

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