Lincoln Movie. Once again Lincoln is protagonist

Lincoln Movie. Once again Lincoln is protagonist
Isabel del Rio

Lincoln movie: Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States. And together with Washington and Kennedy, the most famous U.S. President. Different movies, TV series, novels, plays and essays are based on Lincoln personality and life.

Lincoln Movie. Mount Rushmore photo by Navin Rajagopalan

Lincoln Movie. Mount Rushmore photo by Navin Rajagopalan

Now, it’s ‘Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter’ the movie which is in every conversation and tomorrow will be ‘Lincoln’ by Steven Spielberg the topic of every pub and TV program, because Lincoln once again is protagonist.

‘Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter’, directed and co-produced by Timur Bekmambetov, along with Tim Burton, is an action horror film based on the 2010 mashup novel of the same title. Seth Grahame-Smith, the author of the novel, has adapted the screenplay. In the film, Abraham Lincoln is portrayed as having a secret identity as a vampire hunter. In fact, a metaphor of the famous US President’s penchant for destroying evil.

Spielberg’s film is starring by Daniel Day Lewis and is based on Doris Kearns Goodwin’s biography of Lincoln, ‘Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln’, which covers the final four months of Lincoln’s life, interesting dark heroic days.

However, who is Abraham Lincoln? What was he like? How a man can continue being so famous after so many years of his death?

Abraham Lincoln was born in the countryside, in Kentucky, at the beginning of the 19th century. His parents were of low class and little education and Lincoln’s mother, Nancy Hanks, died when Lincoln was 9 years old. Next year his father remarried to Sarah Bush Johnston, who helped raise the young boy.

Maybe here, we find the first detail of the peculiar personality of Lincoln. Normally, a teenager faces his stepmother, but not Lincoln, who learnt a lot of Sarah and started to read books and more books thanks to her.

Clerk and soldier, in 1832 he began his political career in Illinois. Not very successful in the beginning, but two years later, he ran again and was victorious, becoming a fixture of the Whig party in the General Assembly for the next eight years. Then, Lincoln returned to Springfield and his law career began to be a success.

He married Mary Todd and in 1846, Lincoln was elected to U.S. Congress and had to move to Washington to serve out his term. His personal hunting against ‘vampires’ started now. He spoke out against the Mexican War and unsuccessfully attempted to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia.

Evil is powerful, and Lincoln had to leave politics. But when the slavery question heated up in the middle 1850’s, Lincoln took to the stump again, running disastrously for Senate in 1854 and 1858 (yes, evil is powerful and hast a big amount of servants: vampires?). Despite these losses, Lincoln gained fame due to his talent for oration. Such talent was especially evident during the series of debates he had against Stephen Douglas during the campaign of 1858, when Lincoln established himself as a leading opponent.

In 1860, for a combination of luck and talent against four major candidates, Lincoln won the Republican nomination for president.

The problem of the slavery was big in the south and some states considered the prospect of Secession. It was the Civil War, bad thing for both sides. Despite criticisms, the now President Lincoln maintained enough support to win re-election in 1864 and as the Civil War drew to a close, he made preparations for a charitable reconstruction plan to help unify the nation once again. Another peculiar detail, since revenge has been the characteristic of the end of other Civil Wars all around the world. Precisely, these interesting months are the base for the film ‘Lincoln’ by Spielberg. Because less than one week after the Confederate surrender, while attending a Washington theater, Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth.

Illinous, the nation and the world mourned but he earned a place of honor among the greatest of heroes and everybody still remember his most significant actions: Emancipation Proclamation of January 1, 1863, which paved the way for the Thirteenth Amendment and the abolishment of slavery in the United States; memorable speeches as the Gettysburg Address and the Second Inaugural; and, why not, his trademark beard and stovepipe hat.. a legend!

A legend that returns to the cinemas tomorrow, a legend by the hand of two genius: Spielberg and Day Lewis.

Lincoln movie by Spielberg:

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Isabel del Rio

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