Windows 8, first impressions without the start button

Windows 8, first impressions without the start button

Where the hell is the start button in Windows 8? Many users as me are missing this magic button.

Windows 8

Windows 8

I know this is not a tech section, but I would like to comment today about Windows 8, the new operating system designed by Microsoft. I gave it a try yesterday and I am still using it. Of course I am not a computer expert, just a writer, but I would like to describe my first impressions in this little article.

1.- The Start Button

Yes, I miss it. As a PC user, I liked that button. I play, write, design and many more things with my computer –with two giant screens, of course- and I am a little frustrated to lose my time looking for apps in the new Metro menu.  Anyway, why they had to quit it? They can let the new Metro menu and continue with the start button. Of course, there are alternatives. Take a look on google. It takes less than five minutes.

2.- Metro Menu

Practice? I don’t think so. Yes, if you are using a tablet the new system is good, quite useful but… Microsoft guys looks like they have forget PC users and the new operating system is designed exclusively for tablet users. No, in fact I don’t like metro and, after five minutes using it, I tried that alternative I mentioned before.

Of course, the Metro menu is designed for touch screens and thinks like these but… I watched Minority Report and I didn’t like that future, sorry.

3.- Compatibility.

Looks good. It worked fine with all my programs: design, writing… no complaint.

3.- Look and Feel

I like the look of the Metro menu but I don’t think it’s useful on a PC. Of course, it would be great on a tablet but I’m an old man and I prefer to work on my old PC using the mouse. It’s not Mac, it’s quite good… like always

4.- Installation

Nothing apparently different from Windows 7. Good, simple and good updater from older version.

 5.- A little comment by a writer: Office 2013

The new office 2013 is quite good. The application Word is best I’ve seen. No OpenOffice… nothing better than Office and its program Word. What a synonymous dictionary? I can look like Shakespeare with it!

6.- Starting

You know, the first month it always look that the new operating system works really good. Let’s wait a month to think about it. For now, good!

7.- Prize

Applause for Microsoft. 40$ if you have a previous license of an older windows. Magnificent policy to the Redmond Company.

8.- Speed

I suppose there’s a technical word for this but I think everybody will be able to understand me. The new windows System is fast, very fast. I don’t have a NASA computer here but it’s working quite well. It uses less RAM… Ah, the new task manager is great!

8.- Conclusion

Good, good… and… well, quite good. If I can quit metro in the future I think I can be happy with windows 8 and… a barrel of Whiskey, of course!

Have a great day, Yareah friends!

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  • fromiceage

    Metro is what makes Windows 8 such a pleasure to use. The live tiles are fantastic and wait till a lot of applications are online and it would be great. Not even iOS comes close to Metro and the fluidity of Microsoft Windows 8.

    I don’t understand what’s up with you people. Why do you need the start menu when you can do the same things with the charms menu? Come on, you are comfortable learning a new software OS in iPhone or Android, but unwilling to accept changes in Windows.

    I agree with most of what you said about Windows 8, but you fail to explain why and how your productivity is diminished without a Start menu. When you type for any application name in the new Start menu, Windows 8 comes up with all the options at your fingertip. In Windows 7 pinning to Task bar eliminated the need for a Start button. Most people hardly used it. You are being emotional than rational here with your Start menu.

    • martincid

      Of course, and I recognize it’s a very good idea. I’m just saying that for the classic PC it’s a little… ehhe, you know.
      Anyway, I mean the old Start button. why to eliminate it? There were many users like me who like it. I think metro can survive with the start button there. Just that.
      Thanks for comment, fromiceage

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