Virtual Lies vs our Mother Nature by Jenean C Gilstrap

Virtual Lies vs our Mother Nature by Jenean C Gilstrap
Jenean C Gilstrap

Virtual Lies vs our Mother Nature by Jenean C Gilstrap

Virtual Lies vs our Mother Nature, by Jenean C Gilstrap

Virtual Lies vs our Mother Nature, by Jenean C Gilstrap

A dangerous storm has been announced in Louisiana, the land of Jenean… of Jenean C Gilstrap, the Gypsy World Girl. It’s necessary to prepare houses and garages, it’s necessary to prevent risks… It’s not a virtual storm, it’s not part of a movie, of a Fb image, of our virtual lies. Nature is going to speak, ant Nature is not a cold algorithm created in a computer. Nature is our forgotten Mother and today, in Louisiana, she is going to speak. Jenean is not afraid at all, she has seen other storms, and her mother, and her grandmother, old poets of old worlds, saw them too…, and wrote about them. A legacy written in verse, years ago, times outside virtual lies.

Times have changed and are changing constantly but is there some truth? In the end, where is our truth? Listen to Jenean C Gilstrap

Thanks for your thinking, Jenean, and for sharing this awesome poem.

Isabel del Rio

Virtual Lies by Jenean Gilstrap

the times they are a changin’…or so the song goes – but it’s true in today’s world – the times not only are changing – they have changed – and these changes strike us at the very core of our existence – of our physical and spiritual being – at the core of our planet home and at the core of the universe, as well – our daily lives are compartmentalized more than ever – we are individually more isolated then ever before – relationships are conducted in a virtual world – not just business relationships, but deeply personal and intimate relationships – press a key or punch a button and one has access to anything and everything, including another person – real emotional and physical communications are played out on a keyboard rather than in the hands eyes and body of another – life on this planet is uncertain with the ongoing destruction of the ozone – with global warming – with the threat of total nuclear annilihation possible at any moment [again, with the pushing of a button] – all seemingly so bleak – so dark – so out of control – but then – but then – if we open our hearts – open our souls – open our eyes, literally and figuratively – then – we begin to live – again – to really live – and to love – to love others as well as ourselves – we allow our own light to shine – to allow the light of others  in – into our hearts – our souls – our spirits – beauty and love are there – right there where they’ve always been – just waiting – waiting for us – in the first gasps of life of a newborn baby – or in the blooming of a flower –

and then a flower blooms

4 am can’t even sleep

don’t know nothin’ ‘bout countin’ sheep

nbc cbs cnn news makin’

earth shakin’ humanity quakin’

images of chaos words of death

lovin’s like scenes from macbeth

sun flarin’ thoughts blarin’

skies cryin’ babies dyin’

moon phasin’ souls crazin’

global warmin’ bees not swarmin’

axis shiftin’ ozone missin’

movement and chaos life in kiosks

ice caps meltin’ where’s the smelting

mud slidin’ critters hidin’

runnin’ rivers of somebody’s homes

mountains of debris cry and moan

hunger and thirst make animals new

with only medicine for a few

big ball’s axis way off kilter

water now all on filter

breathin’ poison eatin’ chemicals

only salvation crystal skulls

dirty waters now a’ flood

filled with fishes crimson blood

mud slidin’ down the hills

just more folks gettin’ killed

big brother livin’ in all our homes

DNA done by phone

virtual livin’ no tactile givin’

communities neither heard or felt

all goin’ on in invisible belts

children raised in the streets

no happy memories for them to keep

electronic families all plugged in

now become our next of kin

digital this virtual that

whatever happened to a little chat

wars now seem ever’day norm

taking sons and daughters from the farm

nightmares screamed in black and white

dreamin’s rampant day and night

fatal flaws become animal claws

lions roar shore to shore

enemies within enemies without

bringin’ to their knees the most devout

cycles of consciousness

holy mother to confess

gods are feared

only hate seems near

thoughts transmit and transcend

warning all of the end

we think and our thoughts create

we design our own life’s fate

spirits take flight

nothin’ to fear nothin’ to fight

but then


 a flower blooms

and knows no doom

babies are born with a squeak and a smile

lettin’ us go another mile

a child gets fed and put to bed

nemo’s daddy searches for him

never mindin’ the tortuous swim

another day another way

brings a little hope

givin’ us light to better cope

lunar wings descendin the night

cradlin’ us soft

in their cozy light

sister sun warms our days

wrappin’ us all in golden rays

a touch a glance

bodies meetin’ in the dance

it don’t take much

it don’t take long

 and life goes on

its arms of beauty spreadin’ up and out

and love survives

without a doubt

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Jenean C Gilstrap

Since childhood, Ms. Gilstrap has had a love of words-of writing and other arts. An individualist, she chooses not to follow any pre-conceived pattern for the outlay of these words – rather, she allows them the freedom to forge their own path as they make their way from her heart to pen to paper. Her art work involves both photography and mixed media on large canvasses. She is a weekly featured poet in Yareah Magazine where her works have appeared for more than a year. Her piece The Granite God was the winning poem in Painted Bride Quarterly Sidebar #12 [2012]. Her work has been featured in performance poetry theatrical productions in Louisiana and her short story, Retribution, published in the Helicon Literary Magazine there. She and her gypsywomanworld blog are included as character/story elements in Ghost Key, the fictional work of award-winning author Trish MacGregor. Her first volume of poetry [2013], words unspoken, is available in both paperback and on kindle at amazon. She currently divides her time between her home in Louisiana and the east coast as she completes her second volume of poetry to be published in 2013.

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