Nicole Kidman and my favorite filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick

Nicole Kidman and my favorite filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick

Nicole Kidman and my favorite filmmaker, Stanley Kubrick. Did you know that Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut didn’t lead the divorce between Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise? Fascinating!

 Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

I don’t use to write about this kind of news but there’s the ideal excuse to talk a little about my beloved Stanley Kubrick and some other things about cinema. We know, the starts need to talk sometimes to  appear in the magazines and, well, Nicole Kidman has won one Oscar but now… well, she is not in her best moment -we are still waiting to watch her playing Grace Kelly- I think and that’s why she needs to talk now about her divorce with Tom Cruise, now the best paid actor in Hollywood. She said that “That was Stanley: He used the movie as provocation, pretending it was our sex life. Which we weren’t oblivious to, but obviously it wasn’t us. We both decided to dedicate ourselves to a great filmmaker and artist”.

Her words, her true. Now let’s speak about something serious.

Stanley Kubrick has never won an Oscar, what a pity, but he is one of the most relevant, brilliant and influent filmmakers in the History. We can ask why, but the reason can be simply: he is one of the best –the best for me- and he revolutionized each genre he took. The horror of The Shining has been copied, imitated… 2001… The Clockwork Orange –what a magisterial film, provocative, special, inimitable? Eye Wide Shut… a psycho drama about sex and the strange relationship between two naked souls with an incredible atmosphere… The Full Metal Jacket and its amazing dialogues –I love specially the first hour of the film-… Watching his films we can feel something different in each one, something strange and something where you can find that this is, necessary, a masterpiece created by Stanley Kubrick. He has a point of visionary –in fact, he was a great chess player-, a point of madman with his messy hair and his mania for perfection in each shot of the film… The classical music always present in his film… sharing this future he was showing us combining with the past that the music represented. But Kubrick is that and many more than that. He plays with the polemic and he played well –not like others I don’t want to talk-. Is The Clockwork Orange a pervert film for the youth? Is Full Metal Jacket an anti-system film? Those are open questions and he wanted that people answer them, or maybe not… or maybe the greatness in his films are precisely that he shows that we wouldn’t want to watch and, after taking a look at it, we are fascinated. That’s the human soul and that’s, maybe or not, because I really love Stanley Kubrick’s films.

And well, if now he doesn’t lead the divorce of Nicole Kidman, better than best. :;

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  • Zoe

    Tom Cruise is not the highest paid actor in Hollywood. That would be Johnny Depp. Or Denzel Washington. Or Brad Pitt. Cruise’s career is in a pretty bad place right now. He’s seen as a total wacko because of the cult of Scientology. Nobody respects him anymore. All he does these days are action movies. Nicole Kidman on the other hand is one of the most respected actresses in the world. She got an Oscar nomination just last year for her wonderful performance in a small movie called ‘Rabbit Hole’ (Cruise’s last Oscar nom was more than 12 years ago), she had 2 movies selected at the Cannes Film Fest this year, she got rave reviews for her fascinating work in “The Paperboy” and next, she has a movie directed by the great Chan Wook Park (director of ‘Old Boy’). I’d rather have Kidman’s career (a daring and respected artist who works with great directors) than Cruise’s (a superstar obsessed with his image).

    • martincid

      Hahahha! I love your comment, Zoe. Specially the word ‘wacko’. Anyway, it’s a Forbes list, and I think he won all that money because he produced his last film.
      THanks for comment!

  • Zoe

    If you love Kubrick, you should watch Kidman in a film called ‘Birth’ directed by Jonathan Glazer. One of the most Kubrickian movies since Kubrick’s death. And Kidman is fantastic in it.

    • martincid

      I’ve seen five minutes right now. I will watch it tonight and we will comment something tomorrow… but it looks great! Thanks, Zoe

  • Yes Birth is sort of like a tribute to Kubrick with a fantastic atmosphere! Also Kidman talks about Tom because they are asking her about Eyes Wide Shut not because she wants to self promote.


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