Good Morning with… the Wizard of Oz

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1939 was, maybe, the best year for the History of Cinema. Here we are with the Wizard of Oz and this ‘We’re off to see the wizard’

WIZARD OF OZ ORIGINAL POSTER 1939 716x1024 Good Morning with... the Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz original poster. 1939

I am in trouble, my friends. Any Linux expert anti hacker there? I would love to find one and free. The song I’ve chosen for this lovely morning is the 1939 classic of The Wizard of Oz ‘We’re off to see the wizard’. At least, there is something ironic in this song. I really need the wizard of Oz today and, please, come here fast!

Maybe we can see you all later, or maybe not. Wish me luck. I will need it

Have a great day if you can.

We love you all!

 Good Morning with... the Wizard of Oz

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