Brooklyn art. Our ABCDEFG, by Huey Crowley

Brooklyn art. Our ABCDEFG, by Huey Crowley
Isabel del Rio

Brooklyn art. An ABCDEFG eternally present, by Huey Crowley

Brooklyn art. Toad I miss U by Huey Crowley

Brooklyn art. Toad I miss U by Huey Crowley


Childhood! Our forgotten childhood…, eternally present!


We start to learn about our world and our future behavior.

We see our father, in the distant. We hear our mother, closer. We play with our brothers, with our first little friends. Games that imitate our future lives, our future jobs. Girls still prefer dollhouses, boys cars, but from time to time we change the roles… Granny is at home. The old fairy, owner of infinite knowledge, owner of our roots. How can she teach us is (our) knowledge? Tales and more tales, our granny reads us legendary stories to make us fall asleep at night. We remember them, being very vivid in our forgotten childhood.

Brooklyn art. ABCDEFG by Huey Crowley

Brooklyn art. ABCDEFG by Huey Crowley

Brooklyn art:

The artist Huey Crowley has chosen to reinterpret these stories through his own narrative, and he has chosen excerpts from his own life to explore them. The result is a creative personal artwork, full of intense colors, as his memories, full of old icons and new ones. Awesome paintings that you can appreciate today, to feel your own reflection on the still wet canvas… A young Brooklyn artist, a young result, a deep fresh iconography.

Brooklyn art. Rez Hit by Huey Crowley

Brooklyn art. Rez Hit by Huey Crowley

‘Rip Van Winkle’, ‘the Story of Frog and Toad’, ‘the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe’… In the painting “Toad I miss U”, he is painting what he think it would be like if people never listened to these stories or had a role model in their life . . . what their life would be like if they never had an adult around to read to them, or to care for them. The painting depicts an empty subway, with a homeless person’s makeshift home inside. Surrounding the home are messages calling out to find Frog and Toad. The absence of role models can leave one’s life empty. Broken childhoods that very many children are suffering today, orphans of myths, without roots where growing, children of wars that they cannot understand.

Do you know than popular folk stories have a universal author? From India to America, we have the same folk stories, and a similar folk art. Of course, the settings change, and the names of the main characters too, but Cinderella, the Ugly Duck, or the Three Pigs are lessons from children all around the world, always, since the dawn of time.

Brooklyn art. The Pumpkin House by Huey Crowley

Brooklyn art. The Pumpkin House by Huey Crowley

I really like Huey Crowley topics, and I really like his marvelous quick brushstrokes, quick semi curved strokes which give the feeling of a constant movement, as our lives, as the lives of those little friends, now far, now sharing our tales, in the close distance.

Huey Crowley is making a Pop mythical artwork, a fantastic artwork that combines wisely the whole art history.

Enjoy his paintings!

Congratulations Huey!

Brooklyn art. Triscuit in a Bush by Huey Crowley

Brooklyn art. Triscuit in a Bush by Huey Crowley

Brooklyn art.

Huey Crowley brief bio:

Huey Crowley is a 25 years old artist from Milwaukee WI.


2009 A. Painting. Milwaukee Institute of Art And Design

Awards and Grants

2009 Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Best Of Show.

2008 Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, Mary Nohl Scholarship.

**See more about his exhibitions and publications:

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