Lance Armstrong and the necessity of heroes

Lance Armstrong and the necessity of heroes

Lance Armstrong, doping and legends.

About doping on professional writers:

We all know the sentence of the UCI in Lance Armstrong case. Yes, it’s supposed he did everything bad and now he is guilty of all pains of the hell –I’m just using the irony, of course-. But I would like to ask a question about that: what would happen if writers would have to pass anti-alcohol controls? Of course, there are many of us that won’t pass the exam. We don’t need to control the bridge looking for yellow recipients: the only yellow recipient in mind would be a bottle of fine scotch whiskey.

In any case. It’s so curious to take a look to the Armstrong case: he was the hero one minute and he was the bad of the film the next. I would like to say something positive of him –and yes, maybe I would be alone in this-: he was an example and an inspiration for hundred people and this might be important. Please, I know the doping is bad and all those kind of things, but I can also understand that people need heroes to survive, mirrors to look, examples of life. Should we destroy these examples?

My hero –or something similar, I don’t have any hero in fact- is a man called James Joyce. He wrote the most important book in the 20th century and I admire him for that. Let’s suppose that one day we receive the news that he copied the book from somewhere. We have to choose now between two options: tell the world the truth or keep in silence to preserve the idol. I know, I know the writer is a fake and people need the truth but… we might recognize that, in that case, we would have lost something.

With these words I don’t want to tell that Lance Armstrong is good or bad, I am not his judge and I don’t want to be it. With these words I would like to notice people necessity of having a hero, of having someone or something to admire. Yes, we need him or her or it, but the Humankind has needed them to tell fabulous stories and, we know, not all these stories were true. Let’s take five minutes to think: had Mozart really composed his first opera when he was a child? And notice that his father was an opera composer –yes, at least we might suspect about that-. But I believe he composed it and I believe that, for the time he was a legend, Lance Armstrong did good things also. Yes, of course that if it’s true he is a liar but, cannot a liar help people and create illusions?

Let’s time to decide it, but I would like to take five minutes to think about the Good and the Evil.

Nothing more. I don’t want to tell you stories I know about heroes and legends that weren’t as good as the History tells. And, believe me, the list is long, very very long.

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  • Peaches

    One of the above links is not properly cited and was written by a Canadian based author who gave no permissions. You have ads, which bring in revenue, on your site. This is not 100% in keeping with Canadian copyright law. I have written to you about this privately already, asking simply that you link to the proper source. Please fix this issue.

    • martincid

      We’re sorry. We have deleted all the links. It’s because a wordpress plugin. We didn’t know. Very sorry. We won’t ever use the plugin again. Thanks


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