Pablo Picasso vs. Contemporary Artists. Today in New York

Pablo Picasso vs. Contemporary Artists. Today in New York
Isabel del Rio

Pablo Picasso: MoMA next exhibitions will include a friendly face to face between The Demoiselles of Avignon by Pablo Picasso and the current works of contemporary artists, with performances, music, and giveaway trading cards.

Pablo Picasso. Blue Period

Pablo Picasso. Blue Period

Saturday, November 10, 2012. 8:00-11:00 pm

Pablo Ruiz Picasso (1881-1973) was a complete artist (painter, sculptor, potter…), always looking for new ways of expression. Then, eternally young. It’s a good idea to confront his work with current works of contemporary artists and to celebrate arts in the end.

Son of a painter, Pablo Picasso spent his youth in Spain: Malaga, La Coruña and the Modernist Barcelona, an important city of Bohemian life where he started to understand the way of an artist of the new century.

Blue Period

He arrived in Paris in 1900 (good year!). Technically, he is very influenced by Post-impressionism (Cezanne) but his topics are different. He focuses on the miserable conditions of poor people and paints with cold colors (The Laundress), where he shows his mastery managing grays and blues (fantastic silver shades!)

Pablo Picasso. Cubist Period

Pablo Picasso. Cubist Period

Pink Period

Pablo Picasso started to follow his own way, oblivious to the fashions of the moment. The subjective perspective of the Greco, Classicism and Iberian sculptures (Portrait of Gertrude Stein) are now his focus of study.

The masterpiece of this period is, no doubt, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (The Ladies of Avignon), today in the MoMA of New York. One thousand pinks, old Iberian faces, a perspective which is announcing the Cubist period, and a Bohemian topic (it’s a brothel in Barcelona). A jewel!

Analytic Cubism

Together with Braque and Juan Gris, Pablo Picasso started to study a new perspective, where the figures can be seen from different points of view (Head of Woman, 1909).

Synthetic Cubism

Facets and more facets, his figures decompose in almost abstract planes. The Collage is now very important: Still Life with Mesh Seat.

As a sculptor, Pablo Picasso makes his first mounts: Guitars.

Pablo Picasso. The Ladies of Avignon

Pablo Picasso. The Ladies of Avignon

After the First War World

Although Pablo Picasso keeps on painting Cubist works, he looks again for inspiration in the Classicism and other tendencies (restless soul!). From 1925 to 1935, he will mix Cubist technique with Surrealist dreams. In 1937, horrified by the effects of the Spanish Civil War, he painted his most famous work: The Guernika, a giant, terrible, black and white picture of a most giant, most terrible, most dark Spanish reality, which was announcing the IIWW.

After the Second War World

Pablo Picasso is optimist, he studies Delacroix, Poussin and Velazquez (58 versions of Las Meninas). Finally, he brakes completely with every previous tendency or movement with his controversial series: The Musketeers or The Painter and his Muse.

Pablo Picasso died painting. A long life full of searches, full of personal challenges, always rebel and nonconformist. Thus, it’s a fantastic idea that the MoMa of NYC wanted to revive the importance of Picasso with a special exhibition, A Recess art space for a night (Saturday, November 10, 2012. 8:00-11:00 pm) where current art will engage with the Museum collection in new different ways. Visitors will see a live restaging of Pablo Picasso ‘s iconic Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (The Ladies of Avignon) and painting and sculpture galleries with works and performances created specifically for that night.

Current artists will include A.K. Burns, Galeria Perdida, Kara Hearn, Corin Hewitt, Katherine Hubbard, Jerome Marshak, Molly McFadden, John Miserendino, Kenya (Robinson), Julia Sherman, and Laura Vitale. Musical performance by Title TK (Cory Arcangel, Howie Chen, and Alan Licht).

Don’t miss this opportunity!

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