Works of art from the Louvre Museum in Thessaloniki

Works of art from the Louvre Museum in Thessaloniki
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The State Museum of Contemporary Art hosts the exhibition “The Museum in the Museum”, namely photographs by Italian Mimmo Jodice and French Jean-Christophe Ballot, both acknowledged contemporary photographers and commissioned by Louvre Museum’s contemporary art program, in the framework of the organization “Works of art from the Louvre Museum in Thessaloniki”, from October 12 to January 27, at the Moni Lazariston (opening: Saturday October 13, 2012, 20:00).

Works of art from the Louvre Museum in Thessaloniki

Works of art from the Louvre Museum in Thessaloniki

The organisation “Works of art from theLouvreMuseuminThessaloniki” is realized by the 5 Museums consisting the “5 Museums of Thessaloniki Movement” (ArchaeologicalMuseum of Thessaloniki, Teloglion Foundation of Arts of AUTh,MuseumofByzantineCulture, State MuseumofContemporaryArt,MacedonianMuseumof Contemporary Art), under the collaboration between the Hellenic Ministry of Education, Religious Affairs, Culture and Sports and the theLouvreMuseum, while in the meantime the organisation is also included in the program of events undertaken by theMunicipalityofThessalonikicelebrating its 100 years of liberation and the 47th DIMITRIA. The organisation is also under the aegis of the Embassy of FranceinGreeceand the French Institut inGreece.

Mrs. Katerina Koskina, President of the State Museum of Contemporary Art and a graduate of the École du Louvre, is the curator of the exhibition “The Museum in the Museum” which is based on her proposition, supported by the Exhibition Committee of theLouvreMuseum.

Assistant curator: Domna Gounari


The exhibition

The aim of the photo exhibition “The Museum in the Museum” is to present to the public of Thessaloniki and the museum visitors the masterpieces of the Louvre Museum but also the building as an extraordinary showcase, through photographs of superior artistic and technical quality by two great contemporary photographic masters, Mimmo Jodice and Jean-Christophe Ballot. These two autonomous photographic visions of theLouvreMuseum also explore, independently of their subjects, the possibilities of black and white photography today. The viewer’s attention is drawn to an eerier and more subjective view of theLouvreMuseum when the museum is empty of its visitors and deserted at night.

We discover surprising details and viewpoints linking the interior and exterior of the museum and we sense the mysterious aura of art when no one is there to disturb it.

The exhibition “The Museum in the Museum” presents The Eyes of the Louvre,2011, a series of photographs by the Italian photographer Mimmo Jodice commissioned by the LouvreMuseumand curated by Marie-Laure Bernadac. Jodice juxtaposes in his photographs artistic masterpieces in theLouvreMuseum collection with portrayals of present day museum employees.

In parallel, the French photographer Jean Christophe Ballot presents to us a photographic “portrait” of the LouvreMuseumfrom the series Le Louvre en Métamorphose, 1992-2002 and Le Louvre Transfiguré, 1992-2002, and in the review Architectural Digest, 2006. The photographic depictions of the works of art in their museum environment surrounded by the sumptuous decor of the old palace reveal the special atmosphere of the spaces of the Louvre Museum and the specific textures and materials in which the art is showcased. The series Le Louvre Transfiguré (curated by Geneviève Bresc- Bautier), a commission by theLouvreMuseum, was completed in the ‘90s and exhibited for the first time in the museum in 2003. Ballot’s photographs further record the complete transformation of theLouvreMuseum undertaken as part of the great campaign of monumental renovation and cultural creation of the presidency of François Mitterand.

The exhibition is accompanied by a bilingual catalogue (Greek/French)



On Saturday October 13, at 12:00, at the amphitheatre of theMacedonianMuseum of Contemporary Art, Marie-Laure Bernadac, General Curator, Exhibition curator in theLouvreMuseum, will talk about contemporary art in the Museum. Co-organisers of the event MacedonianMuseumofContemporary Art,StateMuseumof Contemporary Art The participation is open to the public.


Educational programs /guided tours

In the framework of the exhibition “The Museum within the Museum. Mimmo Jodice l Jean Christophe Ballot” an education program that was designed and adjusted to school curriculum will take place. The program offers an insight to the museum as an institution and more specifically with the Louvre Museum & State Museum of Contemporary Art, through language and action.

Students will discover the architecture and portrait photography of Jean-Christophe Ballot and Mimmo Jodice work will draw their self-portraits and enliven black and white photos with creative interventions. In the frame of the same exhibition in the Moni Lazariston, a self-directed educational actionnotebook with creative activities for children and visitors will be available. Visitors will have the opportunity to obtain from the entrance of the Museum the self-directed notebook, designed by the education team of the S.M.C.A. specifically for them.

Organization, realization: Katerina Paraskeva, Evi Papavergou, Department of Educational Programs SMCA Contact for appointment: +30 2310589222,


Artists’ CV’s

Mimmo Jodice

Mimmo Jodice is born inNapleswhere he lives and works. His name is well known in the history of contemporary photography. When he was very young, he dedicated himself to painting and drawing and was passionately interested in arts, classical music and jazz. In the early 1960’s he discovered photography as a new means of expressions. He began to experiment different materials, abstract forms and all linguistic and tehnical aspects of photography. During the 1970’s he was in contact with the most important avant-garde artistis, who worked and exposed in Naples: Warhol, Beuys, Kounelis, De Dominicis, Paolini.Sol Lewitt, Kosuth and many others. He was deeply involved with these new artistic movements and he devoted himself more and more to conceptual and creative photography. But it was also a period of social urgency which Jodice answered with passionate engagement. In 1969 he began teaching Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts inNaples, where he taught until 1994. His first solo exhibition was held at the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino in 1968 and in 1970 his work “Dentro Cartelle Ermetiche” was exhibited inMilanat the Galleria il Diaframma, with a texte by Cesare Zavattini. In 1980 he started to develop a new perspective in which human figure was no longer the protagonist, concentrating with a new empty, menacing, urban space, laden with metaphysical memories. His book “Vedute di Napoli” marks a change in his language: his photographs will be more and more detached from reality, immersed in a visionary and silent dimension. In 1981 he took part at the exhibition “Expression of Human Condition”, with Diana Arbus, Larry Clark, Lisette Model and William Klein at the San Francisco Museum of Art. In the following years a double thread ran through Jodice’s work: on the one hand a surreal and uneasy vision of urban landscapes and on the other hand an attention with the imprints of the past on the present and, at the same time, a research of his roots and the myths ofMediterranean.


Jean Christophe Ballot

Jean Christophe Ballot was born in 1960. He studied architecture (Architecte D.P.L.G.) and he also holds a diploma from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs and the École Nationale Supérieure des Métiers de l’Image et du Son (La Fémis ). In 1991 he was elected president at the Villa Médicis (FrenchAcademyinRome). Ballot’s work is mainly concerned with space. He has photographed cities with urban and architectural landscapes (Berlin,Rome,Paris, BratislavaandSingapore), industrial harbours and industrial zones (inCasablancaand Surabaya), gardens and natural landscapes. His photographic lenses captured spiritual places like Mount Athos; the temples of southernIndia, Bali and Java, the pilgrimage of theSantiagode Compostella trail, the Beauport Abbey. Places of memory like theLouvreMuseumand the former Bibliothèque Nationale de France are central to his artistic interest along with confined spaces like the nomadic architecture in the Sahel, underground caves ofCappadocia. According to the artist his images question the memory and they focus on the history of places and their transformations. Ballot argues that the key is always an exercise on the vacuum that is the center of all his photographic work and his reflection. He is always looking for the time suspended and boasts a contemplative photography.

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