David Cronenberg. Cosmopolis with…. Robert Pattinson (!?!?!?!)

David Cronenberg. Cosmopolis with…. Robert Pattinson (!?!?!?!)

David Cronenberg Last Film: Cosmopolis

David Cronenberg. Cosmopolis

David Cronenberg. Cosmopolis

David Cronenberg… What to say about him? When you think about Hitchcock or Lubitsch you can easily imagine the type of film you are going to watch. The film can be good or not so good, but you imagine more or less the discursive lines of the argument, the type of interpretation and many kind of things.

The other day I watched Cosmopolis (2012) and, before watching it, I didn’t know what to expect. The last film of David Cronenberg was A Dangerous Method (2011), a historical movie about the relationship between Freud and Jung. It was a good film but it was not a Cronemberg pure film and I would like to know what is a ‘Cronemberg film’. Is The Fly a pure Cronenberg style? Scanners? Maybe eXistenZ or Videodrome? In fact, I don’t know but I have one good thing to say about a Cronemberg film: it’s always different.


Cosmopolis is the story about a young rich man played by (don’t be scared, please)… Robert Pattinson! Well, I must say that when he is not a young, seductive and a little smooth vampire he is not a bad actor at all. Of course he is not Daniel Day Lewis but let’s wait some years for this man. He is still young and read the Twilight series might be traumatic for everybody –maybe after Cronenberg directed the movie about Freud and Jung he began to think on Pattison for the role, sorry for the joke-. This rich young man is very very rich and he has bodyguards, a big limousine but he has some kind of paranoid problems. The world is in chaos and the protests are everywhere. He is calmed and his consultants come to the car to talk with him. There is some kind of group talking about economics and rats (good reflection in the movie) but he is worried for some kind of various sexual problems.

David Cronenberg

David Cronenberg

There’s the beginning of the film but the atmosphere is created. He is married with a pretty rich girl but they haven’t shared the bed yet –sometimes, it’s great to be poor-… the outside world and a strange market crisis is beginning to change the mind in our character. What is happening? We don’t know but we are beginning to be intrigued. What is our main character looking for? We don’t know his name ever and the atmosphere is getting more and more unreal. Are we inside a David Lynch film? We even miss some kind of blood –remember, we are watching a David Cronenberg film-.


I don’t know if Cosmopolis is Cronenberg’s best film but I must say that it’s one of his films that I like most. A mixture of atmosphere, good screenplay (I would like to read the novel) and strange moments plenty of originality. I know Cronemberg is not perfect but… who is? Really good dialogues, great atmosphere. I recommend it.

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