Caucasus Georgia: Best Guide to Living and Teaching by Charles Kinney

Caucasus Georgia: Best Guide to Living and Teaching by Charles Kinney
Isabel del Rio

Caucasus Georgia: Best Guide to Living and Teaching:

Everything you always wanted to know about living and teaching in Caucasus Georgia (but were afraid to ask):

Caucasus Georgia: Best Guide to Living and Teaching

Caucasus Georgia: Best Guide to Living and Teaching, by Charles Kinney Jr. and others

A guide to living and teaching in Caucasus Georgia from the Traveling Teacher series. The Traveling Teachers Guides. For us, by us.

• Paperback: 180 pages

• Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (September 23, 2012)

• Language: English

• ISBN-10: 1475112769

• ISBN-13: 978-1475112764

• Product Dimensions: 8 x 5 x 0.4 inches

Version 20.12 now available on Amazon and for Kindle!

What do you know about Georgia?

Georgia is a sovereign state in the Caucasus. Placed at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it is limited to the west by the Black Sea, to the north by Russia, to the south by Turkey and Armenia, and to the southeast by Azerbaijan. Its capital isTbilisi and covers a territory of 69,700 km² with a population of about 4.7 million.

Today, Georgia is a semi-presidential republic, with the government elected through a representative democracy.However, at the beginning of the 19th century, Georgia was annexed by the Russian Empire and after a brief period of independence, following the Russian Revolution of 1917, Georgia was occupied definitely by Soviet Russia in 1921.

After 70 years, Georgia became again independent: in 1991. But post-communist Georgia suffered from civil unrest and economic crisis. In 2003, the Rose Revolution elected a new government that introduced democratic and economic reforms.

A new war in 2008 with Russia creates again instability. This time the problem was Abkhazia and South Ossetia, two de facto independent regions, which gained limited international recognition.

Definitely, a convulsed country and by this reason, not well known.

Caucasus Georgia. Central Batumi

Caucasus Georgia. Central Batumi

Charles Kinney Jr. is an old friend and collaborator of Yareah magazine and our readers know he likes Georgia, the country where he is currently living (for example, read his article Batumi and Hamsun). Now, together with James Greisler Jr and other contributors, he has just published a perfect book for everyone who wanted to visit, to live or to teach in Georgia.

Knowing Charles, the book must be full of happy anecdotes, deep studies and clear advises, because his fantastic pen is always easy and entertaining to read.

I hope to read the book soon. I’m sure the book will be very popular.


“Everything you wanted to know about living and teaching in Caucasus Georgia (but were afraid to ask)” has been the result of a collaboration of 14 teachers and teacher trainers from around the Republic of Georgia (including but not limited to Batumi, Gori, Kutaisi, Tbilisi, Telavi, Zugdidi):

Charles Kinney Jr. (Author), James Greisler Jr. (Author), Peter Bohan (Contributor), Sean Bridges (Contributor), Raisa Lagman Bugarin (Contributor), Judy Elliott(Contributor), Dustin Gilbreath (Contributor), Leslie A. Jessen (Contributor), Anna King (Contributor), Vance Etienne Alexandre Monet (Contributor), Jordan Robinson(Contributor), Rebecca Roy (Contributor), Kristine Lynn Von Bargen (Contributor), Neal Zupancic (Contributor).

Charles Kinney, Jr.

Charles, born in 1967 in the United States, studied education and languages in various parts of the world. Since 1987, he has widely traveled on nearly every continent. In 2007, Charles became the English Language Fellow to Greenland under the watchful eye of the US State Department and Georgetown University. Afterwards, he resided in Norway and worked as a teacher and writer for academic and literary publications, as well as national publications in various languages, including Denmark’s Politiken, Norway’s Dagbladet and Greenland’s Sermitsiaq.

Married to a Norwegian, actively involved in the United States, Charles Kinney Jr. is currently based in the Republic of Georgia on a two-year teacher-training assignment with the US State Department to the Republic of Georgia.

“Everything you always wanted to know about living and teaching in Caucasus Georgia (but were afraid to ask)” has been his last work.

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