Paul Kasmin Gallery. NYC great exhibition

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Paul Kasmin Gallery: painter Erik Parker and sculptor Saint Clair Cemin.


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Paul Kasmin Gallery. Erik Parker

From September 6 to October 13, 2012, Paul Kasmin Gallery (293 Tenth Avenue) shows “Bye, Bye, Babylon” by Erik Parker.

Erik Parker: born in 1968, in Stuttgart, Germany, he currently lives and works in New York City. Focus on still-life and jungle-landscape topics, he creates paintings full of colors and psychedelia, full of humor and idiosyncratic rhythms.

Erik Parker was included in the first “Greater New York” exhibition at MoMA PS1 in 2000, and has had recent solo exhibitions at Cornerhouse in Manchester, England; de Appel Arts Centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, Texas; Colette in Paris, France; Honor Fraser in Los Angeles, California; and Galleri Faurschou in Copenhagen, Denmark. A solo exhibition of Parker’s work is currently on view at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, CT, through February 24, 2013.

Don’t miss it! You can also get “Erik Parker: Colorful Resistance,” the first major monograph spanning almost the entirety of Parker’s artistic career. Published by Skira Rizzoli.

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Paul Kasmin Gallery. Saint Clair Cemin

From September 6 to October 13, 2012, Paul Kasmin Gallery, at 515 West 27th Street, also presents “Six” by Saint Clair Cemin.

Saint Clair Cemin: born in 1951, in Cruz Alta, Brazil, this is his inaugural exhibition with the Gallery and his public art debut in New York. Six new sculptural works made in 2012 which combine abstract and concrete expressions, rational and irrational thoughts and mix dreams with ironies.

You can also enjoy an additional series of seven Cemin sculptures at outdoor locations presented by the Broadway Mall Association in collaboration with Paul Kasmin Gallery, New York City Department of Parks & Recreation, New York City Department of Transportation and the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District. It begins just south of Columbus Circle at the 57th Street Pedestrian Plaza and spanning 100 blocks along Broadway. Cemin’s monumental mirrored stainless steel sculpture, Vortex, will tower 40 feet high, embodying mankind’s desire for transcendence, whisking up into the clouds all that it reflects on its surface. Along six additional Broadway malls, stretching to W. 157th Street, Cemin will present sculptures in a range of material. These sculptures include: The Four,1997, a Corten steel sculpture that longs to be at once both geometric and organic; In The Center, 2002, an ominous archetypical creature existing at the core of our minds; The Wind,2002, a large white marble sculpture which appears like putty, kneaded and manipulated by giant hands; Aphrodite, 2006, a copper depiction of the ancient goddess in primitive form, representing the female figure simply and hieratically; O Pensador, 2008, a figure who sits on the ground, lost in deep contemplation; and Portrait of the Word Why, 2008, a mirrored stainless steel portrait of one of the most mysterious words in the English language.

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Paul Kasmin Gallery. Makoto Saito

Upcoming Exhibitions:

THINK11 150x150 Paul Kasmin Gallery. NYC great exhibition

Paul Kasmin Gallery. William N Copley

From October 18 to November 24, 2012 “Face to Face/Composition” by Makoto Saito (515 West 27th Street).

From October 18 to November 24 “The Patriotism of Cply and All That” by Willian N. Copley (293 Tenth Avenue).

Good fantastic Autumn!!

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Photos: courtesy of Paul Kasmin Gallery

 Paul Kasmin Gallery. NYC great exhibition
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