Paris Galleries. Our current favorite exhibitions

Paris Galleries. Our current favorite exhibitions
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Paris Galleries. Our current favorite exhibitions in Paris.


Paris Galleries

Paris Galleries

**Paris Galleries: Opera Gallery

356 Rue Saint-Honoré


From September 13 to October 06 2012

“Graff the Peace!”

Good exhibition under the slogan “Make art not War”, very significant in our problematic times.

**Paris Galleries: Yvon Lambert

108 Rue Vieille du Temple


Two different exhibitions

From September 7 to October 6, 2012

1st.- The analytic and enigmatic artist Giulio Paolini. He is interested in the drill and the relationship among artist, spectator, object and exhibition context. He uses mirrors, photos, collages and perspectives creating a new language.

2nd.- Jonathan Monk & David Shrigley. Humor, poetry and watercolors are the words which can define their word.

**Paris Galleries: Espace Dali (Montmartre)

11 Rue Poulbot


A permanent exhibition, a fantastic place to study Dali’s bio and works as well as Surrealism.

**Paris Galleries: Gallery Perrotin

10, impasse Saint Claude


From September 8 to October 27, 2012

“Thirty-six Unknown Poets (or, decorative objects for the homosexual home)” by the Detroit based artist Hernan Bas

Hernan Bas explores the relationship between art and décor, celebrating 36 ‘poètes maudits’. For the first time he is using gold and silver leaf in his drawings with ‘Klimtian’ accents and is also unveiling Japanese-like screens inspired by Nabis such as Bonnard and Vuillard.

In his paintings, drawings and videos, Hernan Bas shows his fascination for the literary and artistic culture of the end of the 19th century, as well as his interest in the history of painting. The protagonists of these works are young, emaciated looking men that recall the nervous figures of Egon Schiele and the icons of contemporary fashion that inhabit a physical and mental space where they reinvent their identities.

Don’t miss it!

**Paris Galleries. Gallery Perrotin

76 rue de Turenne


From September 8 to October 27, 2012

“Wild Thought” by Klara Kristalova

New ceramic works in small and medium sized formats as well as two sculptures in bronze patina (“Deer”, 2012 and “Lost”, 2011) will be exhibited. She also has a solo show at the Gothenburg Museum of Art in Sweden from 1st September 2012 to 3rd February 2013.

Kristalova’s universe, inspired by the popular imagination of Northern Europe, the tradition of fairy tales and the observation and direct contact with nature, is peopled with solitary figures, often young girls and animals (hares, donkeys, birds, peppered moths) and chimera that are half way between the Animal and Plant Kingdoms. These characters, who are at once pure and disruptive, evolve in an oneiric world between dream and nightmare.

**Paris Galleries. Gallery Magda Danysz

78, rue Amelot


From September 8 to October 6, 2012

Video Show / Erwin Olaf – Samuel Rousseau – Yang Yongliang

Erwin OLAF, Samuel ROUSSEAU and Yang YONGLIANG, each build a very personal universe. Erwin OLAF and Yang YONGLIANG’s videos focus on specific screens while those of Samuel ROUSSEAU tend to be closer to installation. One constructs detailed scenes whereas the others create urban architectures. Through the diverse works of these three artists, the exhibition raises the question of architecture, space and video art.

In Erwin OLAF’s work, the characters exist in a setting where every detail is carefully staged, as a narrative construction. Erwin OLAF delicately choses the objects, the color palette, the garments of his models, the music and rhythm to his stories and yet the narrative remains silent.Samuel ROUSSEAU, who was nominated in 2011 for the most prestigious Marcel Duchamp Prize in France, builds video object that are the reflection of our everyday life. His videos are off the screen to fit into the banal objects of everyday life, including car tires, washing machines and pill boxes. It is in this intricate sum of objects that the video becomes alive. Samuel ROUSSEAU’s work is on the border of video, sculpture and installation.Yang YONGLIANG focuses on the relationship between tradition and modernity. In his videos he builds cities in which nature is united with modern architecture. Yang YONGLIANG combines a dream where mountains and waterfalls typical of ancient Chinese calligraphy coexist with an ultra-modern urbanism, agitated by crowded highways of cars. His videos build multiple evanescent landscapes which aesthetic seems close to traditional Asian painting.

Then, from classic artist to the most contemporary tendencies, you have where to choose.

As always, Paris is Paris!

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