Cristiano Ronaldo and bad-mannered kids

Cristiano Ronaldo and bad-mannered kids

Cristiano Ronaldo and bad-mannered kids. He declared that everybody envy him because he is ‘rich, famous and good player’, that is humility (isn’t that).

Life is hard… or not. USA doesn’t like football very much –they call it ‘soccer’-. Here in Spain is football –because we are still here but there will be a little surprise very soon. Maybe you are a one of those educated people who doesn’t read any news about sports but, I must confess, I use football or soccer to relax… and I spend some minutes at day reading the sport newspapers.

Cristiano Ronaldo and bad-mannered kids

Cristiano Ronaldo and bad-mannered kids

The story is that CR7 (Cristiano Ronaldo), after the match against Granada, declared: ‘I’m sad’… and the newspapers begin a road to absurd, speculating about the reason why CR7 is sad. In Madrid, the city I live now, most of people are Real Madrid fans. Do they like CR7? They look at him and everybody –including even the staunchest fans of Real Madrid- thinks about him and says adjectives like ‘flashy’ or other worst things. Some months ago, he declared that everybody envy him because he is ‘rich, famous and good player’. He has also a big Nemesis, Lionel Messi, the best football player in the world. Past year, CR7 won with Real Madrid the Spanish League but… he didn’t receive UEFA Trophy Best Player… and he declared again that he deserved it.

Now, European newspapers talk about him and ironies are constant and even cruel –and I must coincide with him: he really deserves it-. Rooney, his fellow in the Manchester United declared that Ronaldo was always looking himself at the mirror. Did he deserve it? When you despite your fellows, when you think you are an Adonis inside and outside… Mr. Ronaldo, it’s absolutely normal that your own fellows think not very good things about you –and it’s not normal that Spanish and English people agree with something, you did it, CR7!-.

Cristiano Ronaldo and bad-mannered kids

Cristiano Ronaldo and bad-mannered kids

But now we have a break here with CR7. He is sad and, of course, we all laugh because he just earns 10 millions of euros each year –we know, not enough for food and to pay his own ego-, he has a beautiful girlfriend… but he is still sad because.. and European irony begins.

I want to defend Ronaldo now and I don’t know why because I am a F.C. Barcelona fan… but he made something interesting and we have stopped to talk about crisis. He has returned us something I thought we have lost: this smart irony to criticize saying absolutely the opposite thing. Of course we love you, CR7, and you have many reasons to be sad –I would add here that you would need a couple or neurons more to be sad, but of course I won’t say-. Everybody loves you because you are rich and famous and we all admire your sympathy and friendly talk. No, we don’t consider you a stupid bad-mannered kid, we know your job is very difficult and you have so much pressure against your Apollonian body. It must be hard, Mr. Ronaldo, when you look at the mirror and you see the perfection at Earth, those muscular abdominals plenty of youth and Greek beauty… you are the best, CR7! Don’t let people tell you what to think or do! You are not just a footballer, you are a person who can think about philosophy and cooking. No, you are not just a smile and a body, you are much more. You are an id…!

Well, with no irony, we wish you all the best and we really understand your hard problems. All the best and, please, smile a little. Life is great when you smile.

P.S: if you are not happy with just 10 millions of euros per year, send me that money. I promise I will enjoy it for you. I love you, CR7, I promise!

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