Good Night with My Wife’s Favorite Singer: Liza Minelli

Good Night with My Wife’s Favorite Singer: Liza Minelli
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I will tell you a little story –don’t worry, it won’t be so long-. This summer we spend our relative holidays –and I say ‘relative’ because we spend the whole holidays working on the magazine- in a bar (outside, of course). Then, we used to go –surprise, surprise- another bar when we can smoke inside, feeling like the illegal Billy the Kid. When we came home, we used to finish the night with a bottle of red wine –yes, we were champions- and some songs. I liked Frank Sinatra and his New York… but Isabel fount a better version sang by her beloving Liza Minelli. Today, I would like to give this little present to her. Have a good night, dear Isabel and, of course, enjoy your favorite song!

P.S: Enjoy you all. If I haven’t listened this one hundred and one nights, I would love it! Have a good night.

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