Forgetting the server

Forgetting the server


I’m trying to forget my recent problems with the hosting company and I’m trying to think of Bambi, Buster Keaton or Ben Stiller… but when I read the newspapers, the dark shadows continue there, waiting for us and promising a secure catastrophe. In Europe we look at the USA elections and well, we are more than suspicious with one candidate and I don’t want to say who but you can easily imagine. Here, we continue talking about this crisis, discussing with Germany and trying to find something like the forgotten reason of this chain reaction to madness.

Years ago, I thought about books and I imagined a better world but well, I was young and I hadn’t seen the future and I’d ignored the secure rules of the History. Yes, I was happier but I was more ignorant than today. Was I guilty? I was guilty of dreaming a better world and I was guilty of being so young to understand the reality. I’m getting older, my dear friends… or maybe I’m getting wiser too but I can feel something like Goethe’s character: and what more? No, I don’t think so. I was born being a stupid and I will die with this merit –I swear-.

I was thinking this morning –of course, I don’t think every morning, this one was very special-, what can we do to make a better world? Yes, I know it sounds like this old song (We Are the World) but, in fact, I think we have forgotten something in these last few years. I’m a man from the 80’s and maybe that’s the period I felt better. Maybe these crisis have made us worst people or maybe not,

Champagne Glow

Champagne Glow

but I can asseverate –or not, hehe- this world of the 21th century is much hard and individualist than my beloved 80’s… and no, the 80’s wasn’t the best period for arts or literature but… which was? When Dante wrote his Comedy, his land was involved into something similar to a civil war (and even the own Dante participates in some battles)… When Dostoyevsky wrote The Karamazov Brothers Russia was on the verge of a revolution that would change the history… and Joyce cannot wrote his Ulysses in his own country. There are so many troubles to write or paint or, in general, to create something new, and this is the same truth in the 80’s, now and in the 15th century.

But artists did it and we must, at least, continue trying it. I know that you can read everywhere slogans like… ‘Don’t try, Do it’ or something like that but I think this is product of the sign of this times. When they say: ‘do it’ it’s just the tacit message: ‘with this shoes you can jump so high as Michael Jordan’. Well, years ago I was a child and I think I believed that I could jump so high as M.J. but, when I got older, I understood the cruel reason and I understood that the way is not always built with great jumps and successes. The way was hard to Dostoyevsky, Joyce, Fitzgerald and any other name you can imagine… and if the way wasn’t hard, they wouldn’t be remembered by us. The way of the hero, the way of every man in the Humankind, is the way of breaking the rules, the history, the own limitations and, in the end, of fighting against the time: we have to live and win, lose or draw… Does it matter? Maybe there’s the same frustrating feeling of isolation at the top of the hill that in the middle of a lonely room. Yes, we’ve lost the time and we’ve won experience… tic, tac, the clock, tic, tac, the life… we all know the final solution and we all know our destiny.

And I don’t want to be pessimist today, I want to go back to our past and remember those days where we believe we can jump so high as Mr. Jordan and drink so many drinks as Mr. Hemingway… wait a minute… I can drink so much as Hemingway! Definitely, I feel like a hero.

Have a good day, my friends.

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