Is Finnegans Wake my favorite book?

Is Finnegans Wake my favorite book?
Fountain of Anna Livia Plurabelle

Fountain of Anna Livia Plurabelle

Before answering that terrible question I would like to comment something. I am reading on the Wikipedia:

Finnegans Wake is a work of comic fiction by Irish author James Joyce, significant for its experimental style and… (it continues with stupid words becoming more and more stupid).

What’s comic fiction? Of course, just Wikipedia has the stupid correct answer for whatever stupid question you can imagine.

Let’s begin. Why I love this book? I will give you five reasons because I could be writing all day:

1.- Finnegans Wake is different

I am not the man who has read everything but… well, we can say I am not the man who has read nothing. When I take a book, I would like to get something different. I am an author and, of course, when I write a book I always try to give something special to the reader. Yes, authors and lovers, readers are important.

We can find a very special book in Finnegans Wake and we can find the essence of various literatures.

2.- Finnegans Wake is not a comic fiction -sorry Wikipedia-

Since Darwin, the Humankind is trying to categorize everything: birds, books and every primate walking down Wall Street. Excuse me, Wikipedia and Darwin fans, but… you cannot categorize the real art! When you have a real piece of art in your hands you can do two different things: 1.- shut up your mouth and admire it and; 2.- Burn or eat it because primates cannot understand art (excuse me for this second option, but numerous examples in the History made me include it). Finnegans Wake is a paradox into a paradox and it’s a novel and it’s not a novel and it works like an essay at the same time it works like a long poem at the same time it glides among our fingers.

James Joyce

James Joyce

3.- Finnegans Wake is a work of Mr. James Joyce and… God Saves Mr. J.J!

No book of Joyce is like another book of Mr. Joyce. He can be as vulgar as elegant as sophisticated and bored and bubbling and amazing and cruel and kind and, in the end, one of the best authors in the History of Literature.

4.- Finnegans Wake is a different book for every reader

Finnegans Wake is a very difficult book. No, you’re wrong again! You might read Finnegans Wake with the spirit and the wisdom of a baby. Forget all the books you’ve read and read Finnegans Wake as it is the first book you have in your hands. You will discover a new type of writing and a new playing of the History of the Humankind. Finnegans Wake is a book about the History of the Humankind with the eyes of a blind drunk madman. You are into the dream of all dreams, into the madness, into the greatness, into the dream you haven’t ever dreamt.

5.- Finnegans Wake is, again, music

When someone is getting blind, it develops another skills to compensate it. Joyce developed a taste for music even more special than before. While he was writing Work in Progress –project initial name-, dictating it to Mr. Beckett, Joyce was becoming wiser and stupider as an old man who has all the answers and cannot find the correct one. No, we cannot find the secret of eternal youth inside the pages of Finnegans Wake, we will find the drunk answer to a stupid problem nobody could answer from the beginning of the Humankind: Who are we? What’s writing? What is literature? What are the dreams? We cannot get our calculator and try to solve this kind of things but, now, we can open one book with no answers to understand, now, why Joyce is a special writer and why Finnegans Wake is Martin Cid’s favorite piece of Literature.

Give Finnegans Wake a chance!

See this video about the river Liffey in Dublin, the river of James Joyce:

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