Justin Bieber, lady Gaga and Damien Hirst. Is this art?

Justin Bieber, lady Gaga and Damien Hirst. Is this art?

Justin Bieber, lady Gaga and Damien Hirst.

Is this art?

Justin Bieber, lady Gaga and Damien Hirst

Justin Bieber, lady Gaga and Damien Hirst

Days before, Vargas Llosa wrote about an exhibition in London of Hirst. Of course Hirst isn’t the favorite painter of Llosa, and he described the exhibition as nothing more than a sociological experiment. Do I like Hirst? Well, he is not my favorite painter either but, in fact, I don’t like very much some great names in the History of Literature like Salinger or Keats. But Llosa’s critics take us to another older question: what is art? Everybody knows that Shakespeare, Michelangelo or Titian are great artists, of course but… what happens when someone doing nothing very special gets the public? Millions and millions know who is lady Gaga or Justin Bibber but… are they going to survive more than the couple of years that their fans need to beat the adolescence? Of course, to have millions of fans don’t turn you into an artist but… Isn’t it true that at their time, these great artists had millions of fans? They became popular too and they had to fight with the status-quo too with the same problems our young musicians have now. It’s not enough to be popular and it’s not enough to… what do they need? The answer, maybe, is blowing in the wind cause even Harold Bloom is not able to answer.

I heard someday one definition I like. ‘Classic is the most representative of one period’. Yes but… who is the selector? Who is the man who says that one figure is good and the other is bad? Public? Criticisms? History? Looking a Delacroix painting in the Louvre I asked myself: are the brilliant colors of the flag more important than the perspective or the structure? I mean, would Delacroix be famous without that flag promoting France? In any case, it would be a different picture.

Virgin Mother by Damien Hirst

Virgin Mother by Damien Hirst

Sometimes, the painters are overestimate (sometimes they aren’t) and there’s a dark influence of the interests of a particular State. Propaganda? Yes, there’s propaganda in Delacroix  picture but there’s something more we had forgotten: feelings! I must confess: I don’t like that teenager called Justin Bibber but, of course, I’ve never been in any of his concerts… Centuries ago, Mozart was the most popular musician of his time and they said that he was so… Italian? Modern? Now, he is maybe the better composer in the History. What does it mean? Nothing and this ‘nothing’ is absolutely fantastic!

Maybe, and just maybe, the magnanimity of an artist can be measured by his followers, the next generation of artists where we can still see the mark of this first artist. I think the case of Hirst, it is the case of a follower, not the case of a creator. He continues with the provocations of the first half of the 20th century… yes, I agree with Llosa but I must deny, at the same time, his reasons because art is… (If I can say with one sentence what’s art I would be the smartest man in the world and the most hated). Art is Mozart, he is, and art is also lady Gaga with her provocation: in classical Greece, there were artists that used provocation like Aristophanes.

This is a world obsessed with the question ‘who’s the best?’ and the continuous repetition of this question takes us to a labyrinth without exit because there’s absolutely no rule to determinate who is better. What would it be? Number of fans? Then, lady Gaga would be better than Mozart and Beethoven together. Money? Damien Hirst would be the better right now? And what happens with Michelangelo? Oh, there’s no money in the world and there’s no valuer who dares. How many millions of dollars…? No, art is not compelled into churches or in the streets or in Carnegie Hall or in La Scalla.

Art is the feeling after the art. And there’s no solution for a riddle with no beginning. Art is, simply this and nothing more, just and more… art!


Justin Bieber, lady Gaga and Damien Hirst. Related articles

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