Sean Gammon = Pop and Theology

Sean Gammon = Pop and Theology
Isabel del Rio
The Alcofuckingholocaust, by Sean Gammon

The Alcofuckingholocaust, by Sean Gammon

Pop, pop, and much more than Pop.

Yareah magazine has been looking for a current artist who represents the hot, strong, vital Summer: time to love or time to die, but always an exaggerated time. Who seeks, finds… We find the artist Sean Gammon.

He claims he is looking for fun for rebellion for freedom. He claims he is sick of our worship of money, of business invasion in our lives: ads and more ads engulfing our dreams. He laughs at this farce.

Are ads our new totems? Then, adore them in our new churches full of different holly objects. A skateboard? Yes, it’s a funny thing which represents youth and speed but which seems from another point of view (and to see different is the obligation of an artist), it can be a totem, lifted vertically to Heaven. Amen.

Collages with our most popular products, brilliant attractive products, in an orgy of nonsense: pills, spirits, weapons, toys…, faces mixing other faces, arms embracing other skins, legs running anywhere. An evolution of new priests: this time, of course, the doctors promising the eternity. Amen.

Yes, Sean Gammon is a warm breeze of a summer afternoon. Autumn will come and our totems will fall, as yellow leaves, but artists must remember us this silly forgotten truth.

You Can't Stop What's Coming, by Sean Gammon

You Can’t Stop What’s Coming, by Sean Gammon

A new Big Bang is starting from the center of a skateboard, an enormous black hole which absorbs everything around him. Speakers, nails, fingers… We must be alert, we should laugh at its power, an invented power that only benefits a few people.

Meantime, enjoy life, enjoy colors, enjoy this next Summer.

Congratulations, Sean Gammon, you are not in a black hole but in a world built by yourself everyday.

A new Theology is born.

Sean Gammon’s bio:

Artist Sean Gammon

Artist Sean Gammon

Hi!  I’m SeanFuckingGammon from Windsor, Ontario Canada.  I’ve tried my hand at a variety of mediums, but I eventually settled into collage.  I use whatever I can find and have frequently made collages on canvas.  This year, I had an idea to try and make a collage on a skateboard.  I was very satisfied with the results and am currently running wild with it.  I’ve made 9 SK8 collages with individual boards and one 3 board collage.  I’m an old punk rock kind of guy, and it generally shows up in my work.  Enjoy!

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie, by Sean Gammon

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie, by Sean Gammon

Art for me is about using whatever I can find to use.  I never use digital images, only stuff I find in magazines, advertisements, and junk mail.  My primary objective is to make something that I want to see, something that entertains or amuses me.  Oh sure, I want people to like and enjoy my art, but they are secondary.  I frequently explore pop culture and try to make fun of it whenever I can.  I think our obsession with celebrities is absurd.  I also dislike how everything is an advertisement these days.  Buy this, buy that, buy me, buy, buy, buy, shut the fuck up!  I realize that this is a capitalist society, but come on, you cannot go anywhere or do anything without seeing some kind of ad.  So, I feel like I ingest a lot of them and barf them back out, onto a canvas or a skateboard or whatever I feel like using.  And sometimes, I just want to make something that I think is cool.  If you think it’s cool too, that’s great.  If not, fuck you.

Where The Teebow Roam, by Sean Gammon

Where The Teebow Roam, by Sean Gammon!/sfuckinggammon

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