Travelling to Budapest

Travelling to Budapest
Budapest: Martin Cid and Isabel del Rio

Budapest: Martin Cid and Isabel del Rio

I have news, mates and friends, colleagues and various appreciated girlfriends (I wish, hehe). I am fine! Yes, I can proudly announce that I am officially fine. My doctor said me that I can play football, drink (moderately) and travel. This article photo is dedicated to my doctor. Thank you very much and… good bye thrombosis!

Then now I can travel again… Mmm, fine. I have many cities to discover and many places to meet again. It’s not only I am a complete sinner, of course not, but I would like to sin in every city in the world and I would like to be socially drunk in any bar in any city. Have you ever woken up in a foreign city and you can’t remember how? If you have, you’re my hero!

For now, and waiting for future travels, I remember one of my last travels to Hungary, Budapest. What a city, my friends! I cannot talk even a word of that really complicated language called Magyar but I enjoyed that wonderful -and really hot- city.

If you’re a classic tourist and you like museums and those kind of scary things… well, let’s see this video!

Martin Cid and Isabel del Rio (a wine fountain in Budapest)

Martin Cid and Isabel del Rio (a wine fountain in Budapest)

Budapest is divided in Buda and Pest, the old and the modern city. If old city is simply fantastic, the modern part of the city is simply marvelous. In its main street you feel the old Austro-Hungarian Empire essence with those wonderful little palaces, plenty of stories and perfumes. Very important information for drunkards like me: there are many bars in this street but they close very soon and, if you want to dream at night, you must begin to drink at 2 or 3p.m. The Hungarians wake up very soon and at 8.00 a.m. they can be knocking at your door to make your bed. Nobody is perfect.

Another point to know is the measure of the drinks. It’s not London but it’s really near it. When I was there, they used to drink something that they call cocktails. Well, if you like cocktails you are in the right city, but if you are like John Wayne and I… you are in trouble, man! They don’t serve usually much more when you call for a drink. There’s a solution I always use in these cases… I will tell you the sentence that can make happy even to Hemingway:

‘Give me two, please!’

Martin Cid in Budapest

Martin Cid in Budapest

I would like to recommend one more thing. In the old city, there is a subterranean labyrinth with a… (I can feel something near erotic when I remember this)… ¡A fountain of wine! Yes, I know, you are without a drink for one hour and you want to drink this wine but, please, don’t do it and don’t do like me and don’t drink! Difficult to understand but this wine it’s not nice. You can go outside and look for any bar.

I remember I went to Budapest in summer. If you do that, please don’t take your blanket of snow because Budapest is like hell in summer. There are many beggars too, don’t quarrel with them either, please!

Let’s see a second video to remember there’s not always summer even in Hungary:

Ah, I’ve forgotten it! We need to eat too, of course: life of a sinner is not just drinking. They make a really good Steak Tartar. Try it! If you don’t like raw meat, you can ask for goulash, a piece of meat with a special sauce.

Girls… Mmmm… you know eastern girls are exotic, beautiful… yes, young Hungarian ladies are nice too but I still prefer Check girls. Next week, if I am still alive, I will talk you about Prague. I will advance something of Prague: don’t go on summer, please!

See you soon, my friends. Please, don’t drink so much!

Martin Cid in Budapest

Martin Cid in Budapest


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